Pattern Spotted

Thank you to one of my Moderators- Sarah for spotting this publication for me…! This is the Granny Afghan I made and it looks like it ended up in the hands of Mary Maxim!

What I really like about this afghan is the border.. brings out the colors in the flowers. I had a lot of fun designing it- and it was my first time designing an afghan of square motifs. Looks like they are selling it as a kit. You can see it here: Baby Granny Blanket 

Garter Update:

I really did not think that this garter would have been such a hit.

So guess what is in testing?? This garter! So to all of you who have written me, this pattern will be released :) I cannot give a time, but I know one of my testers is about finished with the testing.. so only a few more to go, and then I will rephotograph the one I have remade since I made a few minor changes. Nothing drastic, just a few small details from the original. So keep on the lookout for it. Any suggestions for a name? Let me hear ’em if you have any! Post them here, or email me.

Do you think I should make this into a set? What other kinds of patterns (wedding type) are you seeking? I was thinking maybe a ring bearer pillow… maybe a little purse? Let me know your thoughts!

More to come soon!….