A little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That…

I have been getting photos in my email from a customer, Cindy, of something very unique and different. She has combined 3 of my dress patterns into one to create her very own christening gown.

I love to receive photos of my patterns being worked… Always makes me smile to know people are enjoying my creations. But this one made my jaw drop…

Here are some photos of what she has done. She took The yoke and overlay from the Princess Of Twilight pattern, the sleeves from the Fairytale Keepsake Dress, and then finally, the body from the Seaside Fairy Sundress pattern and combined them all into one. She also added in some unique beading into the yoke overlay- absolutely exquisite!

Here is a link to her post on her blog: After One More Row

Pretty neat, isn’t it? I think it is turning out absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to see the final finished results, and on the little darling!! Her stitches are remarkable, and this will definitely become an heirloom to pass down!

On another note.. the blog has gone through a face lift. I am not so sure I am crazy about the colors, but I think they may grow on me. It is definitely more simple than my last template… I do like this one a lot more. What do you think??

I think giving this blog an updated theme will also encourage me to blog more. It is just a matter of spacing out time for things, and this is one place that has been neglected. I think I have figured out a way to do this, with my schedule and (hah or lack thereof) … I have so many things to write about.. So when something comes to mind, I have a little notebook.. then I will make a goal (a certain # of times a week to blog) and choose one of my topics I have jotted down. We shall see how well this works :)

Have a happy Sunday all!