30 Day Shred, anyone

exercise-050So I have started the 30 day shred. I did not complete it last time. I am on Day 2, but really I do not think i should count those days since I did not complete the DVD. However, I got through Circuit 1 yesterday and halfway through Circuit 2 today. I guess baby steps, right?

Because my knees hurt, I don’t like some of the exercises. So what I think I am going to do is just modify. Those particular exercises that are hard on my knees, I am just going to to the upper body portion, but somehow keep moving to keep my heart rate up. I think this will be sufficient until I lose more weight or until my knees can withstand more.

The good thing is, is that the workout is only 20 mins. But now I think about it pathetic I did not complete it yesterday and today. But tomorrow is another day! Once I get fully through it, I will count that as Day 1. I also think I actually could have made it through today, but I had a banana right before and ouch did it give me a terrible cramp on my right side. I think tomorrow I am going to do it right when I wake up and have a cup of coffee.

Here is a little snapshot of my (messy) living room/exercise area. If I ever get the basement cleaned out, I may just make that my workout area. But right now it is a cluster of stuff I am getting for a yard sale in spring. At the floor, is a box Santa gave me for Christmas, the Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I am going to treat myself and open that only after I have completed my 30 day shred for 30 days.

You know, I should give myself a reward if I complete the 30 days… Any ideas? Something that does not cost any money (finances so tight right now). Hmmm.. That is hard, everything costs something! lol. Anyway… anyone want to do the 30 day shred with me?? I need a partner!!

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