Happy 2014 & Snowflake Hat

Well, 2013 was kind of rough, but I have good feelings for 2014! I really became disconnected from things this past year, especially with all the illegal pattern sharing and such. It took me a while, and I am still struggling with it, but I have learned to “set it aside.” I cannot keep it monopolizing me, discouraging me.

Funny how a new year can be the little spark needed to ignite the passion again. Or maybe it has been enough time for me to work through it all. Who knows. Maybe it was my birthday. Instead of looking downhill, I am looking up hill, and bracing for whatever new comes my way.

600snoeflakehat800I am now getting back on the track of health. I need to get back to exercising everyday. Oh how I wish I had a workout partner! It is so easy to get off track. Regardless, it is up to me and I need to just set my mind to it, prepare, and just do it. So that is what I plan. I have some new cookbooks, an can’t wait to try out some new recipes. Now if this freezing cold would go away. I am not ready for spring, most likely because I have lost as much as I wanted to by this point, but I am ready the this frigid ice to be gone!

Anyway, with that, I open up 2014 with a new pattern release. Well, not really a pattern release (yet). For right now, it is available for my facebook fans. I hope throughout the year to treat all my fans, whether they are my blog fans, website fans, Etsy fans, Ravelry fans… etc! So I start with facebook. Any fans of my facebook page can download the Snowflake Hat for free during January!

Link to facebook pattern for fans:


Happy Crocheting you all :) And stay warm!! Happy 2014!

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