NatCroMo Blog Tour 2017!


Here we are again for Crochetville’s NatCroMo blog tour! :) This year’s theme is camping, and this is how you find yourself here at my place :) The campfire is going, the marshmallows are on fire (just the way I like them), and I have a tray of yummy veggies ready for some sizzle: onions, red peppers and jalapenos! Oh how I love the smell of the campfire smoke, the logs chattering like little firecrackers as I turn them… Everyone sitting around the fire, chatting, and of course we have the best possible topic for conversation: Crochet!!

So, let’s talk crochet while we set ablaze more marshmallows and make some smores! I have a few specials for this year’s natcromo event:


  1. Special coupon good for the entire week: 35% off any order. If there is a pattern you have been wanting to get, now’s the time!  You can use this coupon on the Crochet Garden Website, Ravelry, or Etsy. Code: natcro1730
  2. Special new release coupon: 50% the latest pattern: Sunkissed Sundress! Sizes include 2T-10, and it is made using a worsted weight yarn- nice for a quick workup!The model’s msunkissedsundressom says she sunkissedsundress_01loves using it as a coverup for her daughter! Isn’t Miss Chamberlyn so cute in her little turquoise sundress? You can get this pattern at the Crochet Garden Website, as well as Ravelry, and Etsy.



This coupon is also good for a week, through 3/12!

3. Wishlist Grants (at end)

Don’t forget to stop by the Crochet Garden website, and be sure you are signed up for the newsletter. All pattern releases have some sort of special, and can be up to 50% off!

Other little bonuses only for newsletter fans include freebies, special coupons, holiday events, and other goodies!

So while we are all sitting around the campfire, tell me what your favorite Crochet Garden (by Lisa Naskrent) pattern is! :) And then, tell me which pattern is on your wishlist! Next week, 3/12, someone will be randomly chosen and receive their wish, and another will receive a gift certificate to the Crochet Garden!

Thank you so much for visiting me!

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