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How To Make A Fork Flower

Here is something kind of neat, and great for young kids. I would say it would be suitable for 4-12 year olds. A 3 year old can have fun with help.

Fork Flower

I learned how to make “fork flowers” when I was in Brownies (like Girl Scouts). I think I was maybe about 5 or 6 years old. I have since taught my daughter how to make them and she loves it. Not only does she actually make something, it helps with her fine motor skills, dexterity, how to ask for help, color planning, creativity etc etc!

You can make a bouquet of flowers, use them as ribbon to decorate a gift, tie it around the wrist as a bracelet, cut them and glue them on to paper and other crafts, make fork flowers at a birthday party, have them as a classroom art project.. Mom can crochet a simple crochet headband, then weave the flowers onto it… Maybe I will add a pattern for that (will be free)!

Anyway, here is how you make your fork flower.


1. Fork (metal or plastic will do. Supervise young children so they do not go around running with forks!!)

2. 1 strand of yarn, 20 inches or as long as desired for the stem

3. Small amount of yarn for the actual flower.

For young children (3 and 4 year olds) I find that cotton yarn (like cotton-ease, or peaches & Cream) works nice. It does not “kink” up when twisting around, and does not split easily. In my example below, I am using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Plum and Pink.


Step 1: Take your stem strand, and lay it in the center of fork, making ends even (in my example, it is plum).

Step 2: Take your flower yarn and lay it in first groove of fork from front to back, leaving about 1 1/2 to 2 inches down the front. The long end that is now laying down the back of the first groove will be your weaving strand. The stem will not be used until the end, just leave it be there. Note: Left-handers may want to begin with weaving strand in last groove instead of first.

Step 3: Take your weaving strand around the side to the front of the first prong of fork. Weave it in and out around each prong in the grooves. Tip: Sometimes, it helps me when starting to hold the short piece with my thumb as in photo below.

Step 4: At end of first row of weaving, repeat Step 2 by bringing yarn back to front but around last prong instead. Weave in and out between the prongs in the grooves.

Step 5: Continue to weave around prongs of fork, bringing yarn back to front again when reaching the end of each row.

Step 6: Continue to weave until reaching maybe a couple of millimeters from top.

Step 7: At end, cut weaving strand about 1-2 inches from top of last row.

Step 8: Bring strand of stem that is in back to front positioned in center groove of fork. You will then tie these 2 stem strands together on this side of fork.

Step 9: Tie 2 stem strands together tightly. Young children may need you to do this for them. You will see the woven strands begin to scrunch down in center where you are tying. Do not knot this yet.

Step 10: Slowly slide flower off of fork keeping ties taut. (If it is a loose tie, the flower may unravel). As in photo below, it will not look so much like a flower yet, and may appear kind of flat.

Step 11: Once the flower is completely off the fork, pull stem strands tight and you will see the flower begin to take form. Tie once more to knot.

Step 12: With fingers, gently shape “petals” to cover stem portion that has been tied around flower, and to also “puff” the flower out. Trim to short ends of weaving strand.


If a young child has difficulty weaving between each prong, try just aiming for the center prong as follows:

If children do not grasp the actual weaving part, do not worry! Just let them go at their pace and speed and make their flower a work of art! It really does not have to be woven through perfectly. They can twist around once or twice on a prong, maybe for a few rows miss the last couple of prongs all together.. it will still look like a flower, and it will be made personally by them:

I hope you enjoyed this… If you would like more tutorials from little crafty things like this to crochet tutorials, please let me know!

Things these can be used for:

– Pins (add safety pin) and give to someone as gift / brooch

– Make stems extra long and use fork flower as bow on a present

– Hair bands

– Gift bag enclosure

– Bouquet for mom or grandma (or anyone)

– Get creative, use different colors throughout the flower portion

– Many many more uses!