Pattern Spotted

Thank you to one of my Moderators- Sarah for spotting this publication for me…! This is the Granny Afghan I made and it looks like it ended up in the hands of Mary Maxim!

What I really like about this afghan is the border.. brings out the colors in the flowers. I had a lot of fun designing it- and it was my first time designing an afghan of square motifs. Looks like they are selling it as a kit. You can see it here: Baby Granny Blanket 

Garter Update:

I really did not think that this garter would have been such a hit.

So guess what is in testing?? This garter! So to all of you who have written me, this pattern will be released :) I cannot give a time, but I know one of my testers is about finished with the testing.. so only a few more to go, and then I will rephotograph the one I have remade since I made a few minor changes. Nothing drastic, just a few small details from the original. So keep on the lookout for it. Any suggestions for a name? Let me hear ’em if you have any! Post them here, or email me.

Do you think I should make this into a set? What other kinds of patterns (wedding type) are you seeking? I was thinking maybe a ring bearer pillow… maybe a little purse? Let me know your thoughts!

More to come soon!….

4 thoughts on “Pattern Spotted”

  1. I can’t wait until this garter comes out! It is absolutely gorgeous. It would make a wonderful gift. Even though I want one for myself 😆 You know my hubby and I can always renew our vows and I can wear this! Ha Ha!!

    A name… hmm…

    Here are two I came up with:
    Cascading Blossoms
    Tied with a Kiss

    Glad you got to see the publication of your baby granny blanket. I think it is cool to see your stuff! I also love the edging. And it really does bring out the colors… very nice and unique!

  2. Ooh! I’m so glad you are going to put out the garter. It is so lovely! I really like the idea of pairing it with a purse.

  3. I’d name it after your sister for whom you made the original.

    A purse pattern would be great; it would be an heirloom item that could be passed down.

  4. I had another idea. A flowergirl headpiece. Although I don’t know how that would work/look. But you are the crochet design genius, not me.

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