My new companion…

A few days ago.. I am getting into the fridge to get some tomato juice (yes, this is my all time favorite drink), and I see some sort of bug on top of the fridge. I have this thing about bugs in that I catch them and take them outside..

Upon closer look since it was almost camouflaged with the bread wrapper (brown whole wheat)  I see that bug is really big! I estimated about 5 inches long- to me that is a big bug. I get closer and see it is a preying mantis. He turns his head to me cockeyed as if inspecting me.

All the while this is happening, I am on the phone with one my admins from my testing board. I am like, there is no way I am getting close to that thing to catch it! So.. I ask her to look up on the computer (because I did not want to take my eyes off of it) to see if it is dangerous.

First thing she says, it can catch and kill a hummingbird. Yep, ok, do not want this in my house (thinking of my dog and kids). But I also did not want to kill it, and the thought of squishing it just totally  – well, there was no way, it was so big I would get splattered. And how in the heck would I be able to get it from off the fridge??

So then I am thinking, get a chair and maybe catch it in a container. So I ask my admin, Does it jump? And she says, yeah, I think it said they jump. Ok, so container is out of the question.. and no way could I co inhabit my place with a 5 inch bug that can kill a hummingbird.

Ok, the vacuum is what the answer is… I hoped it would survive the journey- as I really did not want to kill it, but was afraid of it biting the kids or my dog. So.. I have my phone on one ear, balance myself on the chair with the vacuum hose. It was going to take some fancy maneuvering as the bug was much longer than the hose opening of the vacuum.

I am standing there, studying it, figuring out my plan of attack, and he is just staring at me, every so often bending his head a bit as if he were even studying me… The admin on the phone says, they have super sonic hearing.. Oh great I think… The minute I turn on the vacuum it will jump onto my shoulder or even worse, my face!

So… I am looking at him, and him at me. He is not moving or looking in the least bit scared. He is not scurrying away like I would think most bugs would do.


I throw on the vacuum and get his hiney into the end of the hose. Vacuum motor is blaring in my ears, and the bug will not move… the vacuum is sucking in all the plastic.. and he is too big for his whole body to get in the hose, and he is gripping on the plastic bread bag with no sign of letting go or coming loose…

So, I grab the bread and toss it on the floor, him still holding onto it. He then scurries onto the carpeted floor.. I aim the vacuum right at him.. nope, sucker is holding on like stone to the carpet.. not an ease of movement from the vacuum…

He then starts to crawl away and STILL he could not go into the vacuum with the suction full blast… he makes his way to under the fridge and well, that was that. Turned off the vacuum in disbelief that a bug outwitted me, or that it has supervacuum feet grippers…

Later that  night my son gets home and I said, we have a preying mantis. He says I know. I said wha?!?! You never told me? he said well it was just sitting there everyday  by the window in the same spot, I thought it was dead..

The next morning, there is the dear preying mantis, again, on top of my fridge on the bread. I wince at him give him a “Hrmph” and get out my tomato juice. I hop on the computer to start reading about this little guy..

I was dumbfounded. There are people who raise the preying mantis as a pet! I saw photos with kids holding them, like a cricket or ladybug. Another story how people buy them to help with bugs (like ants and such).. I am starting to like this little guy (but of course am not going to let him know that yet). No carriers of disease… another plus. No known negatives of this bug. Another good plus. No evidence of them ever being harmful to humans (unless really provoked, and the bite is very minor)..

I go to my fridge.. made a deal. Told him, he needed to eat moths and ants and if he did I would let him stay. So, I can really say, after I tried to kill little Henry, we have become close and are now bonded. So each morning, I say hi to him above my fridge.. I tell him he needs to keep eating bugs.. Can’t believe knowing what I know now that I almost killed him! Thanks goodness for those super soles of feet..

Despite my liking of this new house companion, I do not dare touch the bread – until I absolutely have to. One of these days will get a photo of Henry :)

Well, on another note, the 5 swatches or so I sent out, looks like 3 of them are accepted! (Yay). The yarn has already arrived, and I have begun working… I have also been working on putting things into testing, to get more things on the website..

I think I am running out of testers lol.. I have so many things in testing, but it is needed. It has been so long since I have put anything on the website since all of this publication submission time has been going on… A lot of testers are full too with the testing, one even said today, it is beautiful but I have too much on my plate! I guess I need to slow down.. but just trying to stay ahead and catch up at the same time.. lol is that even possible? Catching up from all the time I have not had a launch, and stay ahead, so that I always have something new in testing! Maybe??

My place has taken a back seat.. I REALLY need to do laundry – but who can do laundry when it is in the 90s and 100s?? This heat wave needs to go away. This August has been excruciating!

Also, on another note.. I participated in a swap a while back.. and I received my box from my partner! Thank you Loopey! Here is what she sent:

-beautiful caplet/shawl.. I will love wearing this, and it is oh so soft!

A lovely soft kerchief.. I LOVE to wear kerchiefs in my hair, so this is perfect :)

Little goodies, nail files, foot notes, stationary, and  post card and a lovely card  from her :) And a sweet little green and white tote/purse to hold everything in :)

A belt! This looks like it took so much time! I love the colors, and it is going to look gorgeous on!

Thank you so much Loopy! It was a great swap and I love everything you sent.. and you are silly thinking you did not do enough… I am blown away with how much effort and time you put into this! Thank you so much :)