Hot Momma!

Where? Interweave Crochet– a hot magazine with exquisite crochet patterns I refer to as “Hot Momma.” If you have not seen this magazine, get it! You will not be disappointed. And you must, MUST get the winter issue. Why? Because there will be one of my patterns in it! Yes. My FIRST publication!

I still cannot believe it. Working with Interweave was truly wonderful and hope to work with them again in the future. Kim Werker and Toni Rexroat have been absolutely amazing. For a while, editors have always been “high up” on the pedestal per se. And being new in the publication industry that I often envisioned being part of, I often worried, would I have too many questions- would this be a good thing, or a bad thing? They could see this as someone who needs “hand-holding,” or they could see this as someone who is detail-oriented and has respect for the individuals she is working with and thus inquires on many aspects of the process.

These ladies are so approachable (what was I worried about??), and never once was I made to feel I was an annoyance. This is one reason why the magazine is such a great success. From the beautiful photography, the absolute harmony of colors and patterns page after page, coupled with their expertise and warm personalities – has made this a truly remarkable experience for me.

I cannot say how many times I did the Happy Dance in my living room.. poor dog >< She hid for fear of her tail being flattened. My pattern will be next to all the other successful, talented designers in the industry.

I really feel designing my patterns on the Crochet Garden website gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to move onto this next step. I just cannot say enough about this fantastic experience.

For other designers, who may feel a bit intimidated, or feel they are not ready… You just have to do it. And yes, I do not have much experience, yet, but I can at least tell you how my first experience went.

The old cliche’ “you never know until you try” is so true. I worked up so many ways when I would speak to my first editor, and you know when that time finally came, none of them transpired. I was myself; I did not hold back my excitement. I had visioned myself being very professional, to the point, and basically monotone. Other times I envisioned another way the first contact would occur. I am who I am.. that is not to say this is slated as an absolute; certain situations warrant appropriate behaviors and execution. Just like in real life, a reputation is built, your “profile.” It is the same in the publication world. This is just the beginning of my entry into the publication world and I have already learned so much, with yet so much to learn. One day I hope to look back on this entry, and say wow, hot momma…. look at that first step I took..

I hope you enjoy sharing this part of my world as I journey down the path of becoming a well known, respected designer.

And for all those who collect my patterns and all others new to my designs, definitely get the Winter issue of Interweave Crochet for my pattern- you can also subscribe to them too!