Release! Lara’s Heirloom Garter!

Finally.. it is released… Lara’s Heirloom Garter is now available, and includes both a keep garter and one for tossing :) Thank you everyone for your patience, and thank you to all of my testers that tested this… And a final thank you to Nadine, whose daughter modeled her garter!

Lara's Heirloom Garter

Keep checking the site.. there is going to be a lot more releases coming out soon!!!

Niters all :)

2 thoughts on “Release! Lara’s Heirloom Garter!”

  1. Hello,
    I have been searching for weeks for a wedding garter for my daughter. This garter is the most beautiful one by far. If there is a way to obtain the pattern directions I would be forever grateful!

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