A Couple Weeks Of Chaos

Well, when I drop from the face of my blog, it is usually because I have deadline(s) approaching. And this was definitely that!

I spent the last couple of weeks, nonstop working on a project for a magazine. This pattern will be a labor of love, for those who choose to embark upon it… I am very proud of it, but sort of nervous at the same time. It is quite intricate, and definitely not one to be done while watching tv :) Anyway, more on that, when it comes out.. I will be sure to tell all about it.

But PHEW, it is done and out the door. I am now just fine tuning and editing it as testers finish it up… What a relief it is, when a pattern is completed.

On another note.. I wrote in my previous entry, of trying to help Kim Werker, the editor of Interweave Crochet, get an interview with Joss Whedan. I am happy to say, that contact I got through my cousin so far has panned out, and the formal interview request is now being passed on to Joss Whedan’s assistant. So! Let’s cross fingers and hope this goes through.

As for the garter, that will be coming out VERY soon… I am now just awaiting photos. The testing for it is now complete. So keep an eye out, as I know many have been inquiring about it.

I like to blog and show photos of work that people have from my patterns. This is something new that came in today. Thank you to Deborah for this lovely photo of the Summer Daisy Sundress, that was in this year’s summer issue of Interweave Crochet. It turned out beautiful!…. And I love, love love pink… Please send in a photo if you happen to get one of the little girl trying it on!

Well… time for me to go work on some LONG neglected patterns that I have slated for release.. keep an eye out here, and on the website. They will be coming in piecemeal as they finalize… There will be quite a few patterns!!!

See ya all- thanks for putting up with my sparseness :)

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