Lara’s Heirloom Wedding Garter

My sister is getting married this weekend, for those that have not read previous posts. The entire wedding is handmade, pretty much. Everything from the Bridal Shower invitations, to her wedding dress… I totally jumped right in and volunteered to make her garter. I would have also liked to have made my daughter’s flower girl dress, but they got one for her. I wish I had thought of it earlier, as I am sure I would have been able to make one…

Anyway, I had been working on this garter for a while and just was not satisfied. Yesterday I finally came up with an idea and it just kept going and going, and going. It is going to be a Catholic wedding, and they are very devout Catholics, so I somehow wanted to incorporate this.

I attached a sterling silver cross to the garter, with 2 bows on each side. In the center of each bow is a light blue swarovski pearl. Each pearl signifies one of them, with the cross between uniting them. This cross can then later be removed, and used for their first child’s baptism. Then the garter and cross can be passed down as a tradition. I really hope she likes it :)

I have not made this into a pattern, though I could, if there is enough demand. Or, maybe I could write a pattern up similar to this one. Hah, I kind of want to keep this for myself!!

15 thoughts on “Lara’s Heirloom Wedding Garter”

  1. I love what it signifies! Also a lovely idea with the removable cross! I would’ve loved to have something like that when I got married!

    Your work is excellent, I am sure she’ll love it! :)

  2. It’s really beautiful! Great job! I too wish I had one when I was married! Unfortunately there is a stupid tradition here where the groom removes the garter at the reception and then throws it to eligible men (like the bride does with the bouquet). But come to think of it, I think I wore two, one that was for the “toss-away” and one to keep. Wow, it’s been 10 years, no wonder my memory is fuzzy. :)

  3. Very beautiful… You put so much thought into it.. The signifiaction, the stitching…… although I am sure it would be a great seller, I can totally understand wanting to keep the pattern a family secret… 😉

  4. That is absolutely beautiful. Please write up the pattern! Or something similar! I haven’t seen any other garters I want to make for my wedding next summer.

  5. Thank you thank you everyone for the sweet comments! It looks like all you demanding this shall get your wish :) Read 6/26 post.. this pattern is now in testing! :)

    Ellen- that is what my sister did. She had one she bought to be tossed. She wore them both, and this one was her keeper!

  6. This is stunning and I would love the pattern to make for my sister she crochets too and I would love to make her something that would take her breath away and you have it right here. Just beautiful.

  7. Could i please have the pattern also…daughter is gettin married soon…and she asked me if i would make one…thanks
    This pattern sure is beautiful too

  8. I love this, I am looking for a patter to make my own garter but have been unsuccessful so far :( I love this. Great Job

  9. Lara,
    My daughter is getting married this Nov. and the garter you made your sister is beautiful. I would appreciate it so very much if you would email me your pattern. I’ve not found one yet that I like as much as yours because its also very vintage looking as well as elegant.
    Thank You,

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