Busty, ouch….Flat pancakes.

I got the dress in for my sister’s wedding (which is next weekend) and tried the dress on. My sister chose a particular color, and they were all mix and match separates. Unfortunately for this color, it was very limited in the kinds of tops one could choose, at least for my body style. All sleeveless. (My arms are definitely not state of the art). You could choose spaghetti straps, or halter straps etc. I chose halter straps, they were thicker, and I hoped would provide for more coverage.

Looks like all the tops are backless (could not see the backs online in the preview- they only showed front.. silly if you ask me)… I am quite busty, and after nursing my daughter, I still have NOT gone back to pre-nursing size… I think they are here to stay, which is not such a bad thing.. but for this dress… it is a bad thing. I ordered a size 16. I normally wear a 14, (which is also what I wear in jeans, and is also I always wear an XL/1X in tops). My sister is up in Chicago, so I had to order..

Welp, can we say squished pancakes? This is a nightmare. On top of it, it is a Catholic wedding (that means l.o.n.g. wedding). When I first saw the dresses, I saw one bolero that I could have possibly got, but eh, it was to me, not very flattering, so I opted not to get it. It just looked like 70’s airplane wings ready to take off. Well, maybe not.

So, since I had to order, could not try it on before ordering.. I did not want to go too big, so figured one size up (16) from a 14 that I regularly wear. I do not know if it is this style, but the top is very constricting.

Here is what I had to choose from:

Here were my choices:

I chose second from the last (the center red one). Looks like the most coverage, and maybe the possibility of being able to wear a bra…


Now mind you, I was really pleased we were able to choose something, maybe have an outfit or something we “could” wear again. And they ARE beautiful tops and quite a choosing..! Unfortunately, all of these styles, just were not working with my body.

Getting worried about the dress and my arms in dire need of some attention, and the possible bra situation… I asked my sister if I could make something to wear… So, I have um, 5 days to design myself something, in plus size that will cover me, yet not make me stick out from the rest. Sigh. Wish I were a size 2. Well, no, which I were a size 8, I think that is a nice size :)

I could just make a stole.. I do have plenty of size 10 thread. Bolero? Shrug (I really do not like shrugs). Have NO idea how I will even be able to fit a bra in a space that a molecule cannot even fit into. I have been online all weekend, looking for something that may work, but the back of this dress is so low cut, not even a strapless will do… Backless?!? Is there such a thing in my size? Something tells me the forces of gravity will more than happily intervene with that.

Stole may also give me some coverage in the belly area.. if I wrap it around myself a few times and mummify myself. Maybe there is a bra with a clear back strap? Wonder…
This is going to be one interesting challenge for me to figure out by Friday. Please send any thoughts your way or suggestions… post em here.. email, this is going to be quite, quite interesting.

I’m just going to chop off the straps of a bra and the back and super glue the cups to the dress . They definitely will not be going anywhere! (So much for the accuracy of my previous post of me being the Prophet Soul… : “No matter what, you deal with everything in a calm and balanced way…”)

7 thoughts on “Busty, ouch….Flat pancakes.”

  1. Oh dear… I totally know what you are going through. I have been there… I am sure you will come up with a marverlous design that will devert all attention away from the areas you are worried about…… Besides I am sure that you are being too critical of yourself and in reality to everyone else you look really great in it…

  2. Hi, I was just passing thru. . . maybe I can help! The exact same thing happened to me AND I hadn’t weaned Rebecca yet so I ws also worried about leaking (nerves, crying babies, crying adults. . )
    I bought a very good minimizer bra and my Mom (an RN) bound me under the bra. I still wear minimizers and Rebecca is now 20 yrs old!
    It’ll all work out, I promise.
    Suzanne G in NC

  3. Suzanne – I am somewhat worrying about leakage, though I have stopped nursing. I will have to look for a minimizer bra when I go up tomorrow to Chicago. My little small town does not have much >< I will keep faith that it will all work out and that I do not look like a goof walking down the aisle!!

  4. Mom4x – That is a downfall of mine, i tend to be very critical of myself!!! I guess in a way I am very vain :) hehe.

  5. I feel your pain. There is nothing worse than having to order a dress online.

    2 suggestions:

    (1) could you exchange the top for the middle green one (the second one from the left). That style might work better, but it is always so hard to tell without trying it on in person.

    (2) It would be spendy, but Nordstrom’s has a great selection of undergarments and the staff is really helpful. If there is one near you, bring the top and see what the salelady can recommend to get the top to work.

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