Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is just a little check in… I have been so super busy- but then that is the story of my life. Today I finish up my last project on my list for publication and mail it off. This weekend I will fine tune and check for any typos etc. in the pattern then email that off. It feels good to be wrapping all that up! In the meantime, my pattern testers have been busy testing patterns… I am hoping to have a launch soon! I do not have many yet, but would like to maybe work up a few more before launching, as well as wrap up all the ones I have in progress.

Skyler (my dog) is doing much better! The other day she was wrestling with a bone with me.. I would take it out of her mouth and toss it to her side, and she would go crazy getting it and giving it back to me… Her appetite is still good.. She really seems to be getting back to her old self.. I really hope this is the last of all this illness for her.. She is such a sweet dog.

On another note.. I have 2 weddings to go to this year! First is my sister’s which will be in June. ACK… that is so close.. only so much time to lose weight and turn myself into a bomb shell (hah). The next one is in September, for my cousin. I swear it seems like they have been dating for a decade! That second one though, I think it is in Pennsylvania? I will have to check the invite again.. It was kind of neat, I got a magnet stating the date time.. Good thing for me with how scatterbrained I am. Now let’s hope my daughter does not make it magically disappear, hehe. At least for that wedding I have more time to lose weight!

I actually have been losing. Since November, I have dropped 30 lbs. Though the past 4 weeks or so I have not lost any, but then I have not even been trying. But the good thing is that I have not gained any back. It will be nice if my body is making a new “set point.” Then when I start losing again, it will create a new “set point” of weight. Every single diet I have always lost, but then gained it all back plus 10 lbs. This diet however I have not gained anything back. This is the first diet I have lost the most with, and have not gained anything back, for the longest amount of time. Hopefully though by the end of the year, I reach my goal.. and then will really start turning heads! :) Maybe in the next post or 2 I will show you some before and some “present” photos!

Well, time to get this project packaged up and sent out, as well as get my taxes out (yipee they are done). Will write more soon :)

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