Sneak Peak

Yes yes, it has been long enough, I have a sneak peak of something.

Before anything, I must let you know this blog, the website and testing board will be down Feb 8th 10 PM PST until Feb 9th 6 AM PST. My host is transferring some clusters and so if it is not up, do not panic.. they are working on it to be an efficient transition.

Before going on to anything else, I would like to say Skyler seems to be doing a bit better. I gave her a tummy rub and she is quite red. Not infection red, but more of the red you can say ow, that must hurt. So I think that is why she is really taking this surgery difficulty- I think it was a biggie for her. Today though she has walked around more, and has gotten up to eat, and well what really made me smile, she sat under the table waiting for some nibbles from falling food from the kitchen table. So that made me happy :)

Hopefully she keeps getting stronger, and I just now await the pathology results. And in the meantime, shower her with tummy rubs and lots of tlc!

So, on the crochet front.. I have been busy finishing up another pattern for publication. This is my last one, so that after this I can begin to concentrate on the website launch. It has been so long! And for that, I figure I owe everyone a sneak peak. But then, it may not be a sneak peak, as I am not sure if I am finished with the pattern! The pattern is written out, but not sure if it needs something more… But, at least it is a glimpse of something that has been in the works!

Here it is (yes it is dark, that is why it is a sneak peak.. instead of a cropped photo like my past sneak peaks last year, this one is a dark one… kind of mesmerizing, kind of makes you wonder what it looks like close up :) And a special thank you to Misty taking the perfect photo for this sneak peak!

Sneak Peak

Did I give too much away? Not enough away? Does it bring back the days when the CG website had launched every month? Let’s hope so!! I know it is getting me eager to get some patterns released. But then at the same time, I am so excited to have my patterns out there in the printed world too..

It may be a while still before a pattern launch comes, but do know there will be other things coming out this year that shows where all this time has been spent! I have many many things in progress, and many DIPS (I call them DIPS- Designs In Progress).. some started here and there, some stopped then and there and everywhere… hehe my poor testers “I have baskets of designs of yours waiting to be finished!” But they are patient with me, the “absent minded designer.” So now we have begun the task of finishing up some of those, but then of course it was my nature to start some new things! And then well, the kids and myself being sick and passing it around to one another really caused chaos on the deadlines.. but somehow, I know everything will all come together.

Who knows, maybe things are really always in chaos, and my brain just likes to work that way? Maybe that is why I can never find my tape measure, or even a pencil on my desk?

Well, sorry so short… I cannot go on and on as I need to get some stuff done, and both of the kids are already asleep due to being sick.. so this is some time for me to hopefully get some power work in!

Take care all :)

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  1. I am happy to hear that Skyler is doing better… I only hope this is just the beginning to her road to recovery and that it gets better with each passing day.

    It is also nice to hear that you are getting eager to release a new launch of patterns. Quite exciting! I am sure when it does happen you’ll have many excited customers! Yes, the picture is very mesmerizing… even with it dark, it is still a great picture! Her curls are so cute!

    Keep up the good work!

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