Detective Challenge? Seeking Joss Whedon

“Uh… who?” Some of you may ask…

Reference: This is the original Crochet Me post that this blog post is referring to:
Calling Geek Crafters: We Want To Interview Joss Whedon and We Need Your Help!
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Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind the X-Men, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel.. etc! Well, Kim Werker, the brilliant editor of the astute magazine Interweave Crochet and founder of Crochet Me online magazine has created a surge through the web within the crochet world in an effort to interview this creative genius.

Here is a clip from her original blog post in this plight to secure an interview with this esteemed creative soul:

“See, Joss Whedon is a wicked creative guy, and he entertains us. And last week, in a tongue-in-cheek response to an interview question on the Wired blog, he practically begged for a crochet publication to interview him*. And simply must be that pub. Why? A bulleted list will tell you…”

Read the Crochet Me Blog Post On Joss Wheden to read more.

And the clever, witty Kim Werker will not let this go and I quote from the first lines of a subsequent blog post:

“I’m so not letting this Whedoncraft thing go. So to add some fuel to the fire, I made myself a Jayne hat last night (crocheted, of course, which isn’t so true to the knitted original but sure is true to trying to catch Joss Whedon’s attention so he’ll grant us an interview)

So, get the pattern to Make Your Own Jayne Cobb Hat here by Kim Werker! I have a feeling the crochet world will be rocking with this hat pattern. Make it, blog it, pass the link around…!

In addition, if you have anything craft Whedon-related, a link, photo, anything of sorts, post it in the original blog post on the Crochet Me blog site. There is already a lot of hype in the comments section- posts on numerous items Whedon-inspired from washcloths, to crocheted Jayne dolls, to tree ornaments. If you have not checked all of this out yet, what ya waiting for? I kid you not, this is only the beginning. With Kim’s tenacity, this drive will not wane- only because of her intrinsic, genuine desire to interview Joss.

So what have I done to play my part? I have a cousin who is a comic artist. I should say a very talented one at that. (Hi Alex!). Maybe if I am lucky he will send me some of his work to post here :) I am pretty sure my cousin went to Comic Con, as he always goes.. Anyway, maybe my cousin Alex can lead the way to Joss! I will keep you all posted on what I find out. In the meantime, get over to site!