Missing Piece

Well, it has been a crazy week… just one of those times with one thing after another… Found out more of my patterns are being distributed around the internet again.. more on that later though… one of these “distributors” will wow you…

Before I began crocheting, I worked in a group home for physically and mentally disabled adults. Tonight I received a call that one of the patients/consumers passed away.  Anyway, I cannot say too much due to HIPPA and confidentiality and the like, but what I can say is that this was a great person. What was really interesting, was someone found 2 bibles in this individual’s room, one stacked on the other, with marked passages about entering into the Kingdom.. That is not the interesting part, but what kind of sent a chill down my spine, was that this individual could not read.

Anyway, I really try to keep this crochet oriented with a few bits and pieces of my everyday life, and well this was one of those little bits of pieces, that unexpectedly impacted me.

So anyway, on to other things…  For those anxiously awaiting and for those emailing me, I am hoping to have the garter released next week sometime. That is not definitive, but I am going to try and make that the goal.  I also will be working feverishly on more deadlines. One thankfully is being sent off tomorrow, so that is done and can be scratched off the long-awaited to do list. “YAY!”

So, I am still working on the design of one of them.. and am hoping, and crossing fingers it all comes together, and in enough time for the deadline. This is definitely going to be a challenge. I have been working on and off on this one particular design for a couple of months, but something just was never right about it. Sometimes it would get tucked back away… sometimes entirely ripped… sometimes stared at so long and hard- maybe I wished it would melt into oblivion. I loved it, yet at the same time it needed something..  So much so that I always refrained from giving sneak peaks of it. But now, it is slated for publication, thus no sneak peaks…

And, since I accepted this challenge, I must, must follow through and I now have to figure out what the missing piece is… in time for the deadline. “Sending vibes out to the missing piece….”

I will keep you posted as I progress through this. Tomorrow is Day 1 which I will begin from scratch from the beginning.

Niters all :)