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The Juliet Dress

Juliet Dressjuliet_01Today I have released the Juliet Dress! When I started this set, I did not know what to expect. It started out plain, with no character… just a plain Jane. Little did I know that a beautiful Juliet was awaiting. And if you are planning on ordering it- here is a coupon for a dollar off! This will be good for a week (through July 15). Code: 3c290353b5

There are so many sizes! I actually started out with just child sizes. Then testers asked for baby sizes – that it was just too darling for the wee little ones too! And so this dress now spans 6 months to 10 years! All sizes are included in the pattern. The flowers’ center is a large button – isn’t it always fun to shop for notions? The sunhat brim uses a wire to give that Audrey Hepburn look.

Unlike many of my other dresses, this one uses a sport weight. I used Knit Picks Comfy Sport Yarn for this. Quicker to work up – and with so many sport weight yarns available, the color combos are endless. I could not be any  happier with the yarn choice.  The colors are Flamingo, Silver Sage, and Ivory. It looks like Silver Sage is about to be discontinued- so hurry and get it while you can! If you are not able to get the Silver Sage, I think the Honey Dew or even the Crème Brulee would make wonderful substitutions.

The yarn was great to work with- and even better machine washable! That means kid friendly. Sometimes cotton yarn gives me a dry feeling in my  hands, and then later I need to apply lotion. Working with the Comfy gave me no problems. It was very soft, and the drape is fantastic. Definitely a choice I will pick  again and again when I want a cool, breathable, practical yarn for a garment, or even an afghan!

PS – The Maia Shawl has been released! (The little sneak peak I gave you the other day). It is up on the website and available for purchase. It is not yet on Ravelry, at least at my time of writing this, but the Juliet Dress is up on Ravelry!