Attention Testers: Testing Forum down

I have had quite a few emails from testers unable to connect to the testing board. Just to let you know, we had a webserver reboot. Things should hopefully be up soon and am working with support :)

I got a summer cold so have been resting the last couple days, but will keep on top of this and hopefully have the testing board up soon!

5 thoughts on “Attention Testers: Testing Forum down”

  1. Thanks for letting us know. I was worried that it might have been my computer…

    Hope that you get to feeling better soon. Summer colds are awful.

  2. I am interested in working as a crochet pattern tester. Mostly I do doilies, purses and laces.I can understand the instruction very well. Iam crocheting last 35 yrs. Last year my doilies were for sell on site. I am 67yrs old and still doing crochet work. I have sold many doilies in India and USA. Iam amember of CGOA.

  3. I am a retired lady who is interested in testing patterns for crochet. I have crocheted for many many years and have alot of free time to crochet.I crochet anything from Afghans to baby wear.

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