Think Pink – (Cover!) coming soon publication

When one goes to Annie’s Attic, he or she can click on the “coming soon” link. Well, they have put up a pattern book of what is soon to come – Think Pink, Crochet For the Cure!

This book’s theme is for Breast Cancer Awareness. On the cover, you will see 4 designs. The one in the lower right (the vase with the pink ribbons and flowers) is mine :)

Just from the cover, one can see this book is going to rock.. I love both of the pink hats..I am going to have make both of them on the cover for myself to wear.. and even though I am not one to wear pins, I know MANY who do and will go crazy over making them for everyone…

I am also happy to say I have 3 patterns in this book! I am unsure if at this point I am allowed to say what the others are, so I will have to keep it hush for now..

For every book sold, a portion of the proceeds go for research. Be sure to pick up a copy.. you will get some lovely patterns, and you will be helping others as well.

I wanted them to be unique, but also somehow reach into people. I kept thinking and brainstorming.. and this vase idea came to me. It would be wonderful for teachers to have on their desks, secretaries as well. They are so quick to make, and would make a nice addition to any shelf or table… You could even decorate the vase, get some glue, paints, maybe glitter.. get the kids involved to make them as gifts (crafting is always fun!)

You can grab any little bud vase (you can actually use any small vase shaped in any way).. and then fill it with sand, or marbles (if the opening is big enough), etc. Then take wire flowers, and poke them into the vase. Then work the pink ribbon pattern (in the book, of course), and assemble.. and voila, a beautiful centerpiece for your table, or a wonderful gift for that special person….

You know what would be neat in the cooler months? Take a vase, fill it with beans and then insert a baggie of spices, then put on the pink ribbons.. and what do you have? Pink Ribbon soup vase? I think I need some Zzzs… but then, maybe I am on to something?

Time to hit dreamland :) Have a lovely Happy Tuesday in the morn!

Anyway.. I cannot wait for this book to come out!

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  1. hi Lisa,
    Read your entry on the African priest and how you are interested in learning about other cultures. Just a thought… Host a foreign exchange student! It’s morefun than you could imagine!

  2. You know, when I move, that would be a great idea!! Unfortunately, my place is super tiny, but when I get a house- that would be a great thing to look into!

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