Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away…

I love Enya, especially Orinoco Flow.. Anytime I see a photo of water, or boats, that song just echoes in the back… I think I have all of Enya CDs. So soothing, so relaxing, and it just plain puts me in a darn good mood!

This photo was sent in to me by Shannon. She worked up the Chimes Of The Sea pattern (overalls for boys and girls). He looks like he is ready to go on an adventure across the sea! I thought she used black and white for the colors, and told her I would have never of thought of that color combination.. but actually, she used navy blue. (Need to get a new monitor one of these days!!). Turned out incredibly adorable, yet “manly,” and the setting right by the river just captured a little story of this little guy… Ahoy! Thank you Shannon for sending this in to me!

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