Annie’s Attic: New cabling technique booklet Preview

I can finally announce it! You can go to see a preview of a booklet I have coming out here! If that does not work, go to Annie’s Attic and then click on “Coming Soon,” you will see my new booklet coming out for cabled afghans. If you go here, you can see the other photos of all afghans in the booklet by clicking on “see all photos”. (EDIT: seems the other photos is not working, nor is the email notification link, and I have emailed the webmaster about this).

I am not sure how long this preview will remain there, but you can see it now!

These are not your traditional cables. This is an absolute new cabling technique I have developed. Each afghan within this booklet is unique in its own way, all playing off of this simplistic technique.

I have been waiting for so long to talk about this and announce it! For so long, I have kept this technique under wraps… The photographs they took turned out so beautiful… I think my personal favorite is the brown one. You can see just the corner of it on the front photo in the upper right.

I had been talking a while with one of the editors for Annie’s Attic, about submissions etc. They were interested possibly in some hats and scarves. A few months had passed since I was so busy. Then I sat down one day and began swatching. I wanted something unique, and different. I have a passion for cables… so a cabling I went.

And just by experimenting, I was on to something, but I did not know what yet. Something was trying to surface, but just didn’t….yet. That night, I woke up super early, and went back to my swatch. I knew what to do… I thank Algebra for this (long story). Anyway… I continued to swatch with a surge of ideas how to play on this very simple technique. I then talked to the editor, and I asked if they were still interested in some designs, and that I think I made a new technique… She was quite intrigued and asked for swatches. As soon as they saw the swatches, they gobbled them up, so to speak… They decided they wanted afghans… and so it was set.

I decided to go with testers from the Crochet Garden, rather than going with people who do stitching on a regular basis to be my stitchers. It wasn’t that I did not have faith in other stitchers out there. It was just that with the testers, I knew their work; and I am so familiar with them and converse with them on a daily basis. Though none had ever been a professional stitcher, the testers at the Crochet Garden are phenomenal, and that is why I chose CG testers to work up the afghans. I am sure they will be thrilled to see the work they handmade, in print. Thank you to my testers!!!!

As of right now, it is listed to be available March 17th, and it looks like you can click there to get an email notification when it is indeed available.

I am so proud of this booklet. My whole heart went into it. Well, it always does when I design something… but that this was a new cabling technique, and I have such a passion for cables. I also wanted something easier than traditional cables. I find that many people have a hard time knowing which post st to work around when doubling over, reaching over, etc other post sts. The basis of this technique is very simplistic, and the different ways it can be manipulated can become very intricate. Take for example, the brown afghan. Using the basic technique, and then playing off of that technique in different ways yielded an entirely new, unique looking afghan, but all using the same initial technique, just much more complex.

Now the waiting game, until mid/end of March for the actual booklet to be out!

6 thoughts on “Annie’s Attic: New cabling technique booklet Preview”

  1. Looks like the email notification is still not working on the Annie’s Crochet site. :(
    If it’s possible to purchase it directly from you, so Annie’s doesn’t take a cut of your profits, I’d prefer to do it that way.

  2. I have to agree that I would much rather give you the full amount than Annie’s. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  3. Congrats Lisa!! You did it!!The link is working again at Annies Attic and I have to say all of the afghans look great!! Here’s looking forward to a bright future!!

  4. Congratulations Lisa!!!
    I am so glad to know that your patterns are being published. I always did believe your patterns were special. And I also agree w/ the others… I would rather buy directly from you if it is possible.
    All of those patterns are gorgeous!!!

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