And so, the “diet” begins. Different Approach.

Well, since I quit smoking, I put on some weight. Time to lose it. I figured it out- I just need to put my mind to it and figure out my strategy instead of just winging it. Just like with quitting smoking.. I made an agenda, I had a plan, and I did it. If I can quit smoking, I can do anything.

So, here it goes, we are going to transform a body… My bod, that is.

What is my plan?

1. No fast food – No more. That goes for the kids as well as myself. We really did not eat it often, but, even those few times are bad enough. Each time I eat out, I feel tired…  sometimes even sluggish.

2. Plant some veggies – I think that is going to give me a little pride, to have some fresh produce, and know I grew it myself. I did buy some seeds (toooooo many seeds). But with all things small steps seem to work for me. So I am going to pick 5, and begin growing. Others I will save for next season.

3. Walk every day – Well at least try to. Last night, I took a walk around the neighborhood with fire child. Note to self: Do not walk right after dinner. I do know this walking each day will not last when the temp rises- as I very much dislike warm humid weather. But, I did get a family pass to the YMCA. So that is when we will be putting that to use. But if I make it goal to do some sort of walking each day, not only is it good for my physically.. I felt better mentally last night after we took our walk. And ire child- she did not walk, she ran, then stopped and waited for mom.. ran, stop, wait for mom. ran, ran back, ran forward, stop and wait for mom.

4. Pilates – I realized, over this past year or two, I have lost muscle mass. I think that was a key factor in gaining weight and just feeling out of shape. Makes sense. So, got some Pilates DVDs. I will keep you posted how it goes with them.

So, I have tried to diet in the past and it just never really worked. I would gain back – not because of the diet but because of going off the diet. I have really been thinking about this – I do not think there is one solution to lose weight. It is a combination of sensible eating and exercising. So I am going to try an experiment. I am simply going to eat more whole foods, avoid processed food (almost anything out of a box is processed).

Use only Olive oil – no butter if at all possible. ALWAYS keep a stash of ready to grab celery carrots etc in the fridge. One of my problems is I work so hard and so long, that when I am hungry, I want to eat “now.” That will help with impulses. Luckily, the kids both love fruits and veggies- as I really have always had an abundance of them.. but now, they will be in “ready to go form.”

I am not going to deprive myself. If I am hungry, and I am going to eat. I will keep you all posted on how this goes… post recipes I find.

Anyone have any good lentil recipes??

Tomorrow I will be posting about Hummus – I am so addicted.. What a good thing.

5 thoughts on “And so, the “diet” begins. Different Approach.”

  1. I make crockpot lentil soup with this loose recipe – a pound of lentils, four cups chicken stock, four cups water, one large onion, several celery stalks and carrots, lots of fresh baby spinach, garlic and cilantro and a large can of diced tomatoes.

  2. Oh, and congratulations on quitting smoking! I haven’t been able to accomplish that, yet.

  3. Good luck with the weight loss program. I agree that there isn’t any one plan that is perfect. Your solutions of using more fruits/vegs and avoiding processed and fast foods sounds great. I found the Weight Watcher’s program to be one of the better plans out there because they encourage food choices like that, plus, nothing is off-limits. Also, you get extra points (if following the point system) when you exercise.
    I don’t have any good lentil soup recipes, but Jessica’s sounds pretty good.

  4. Jessica! Thank you for that starter recipe… I think it sounds great, and the tomatoes will flavor it up. I will have ot get low sodium chicken broth.. since I have been retaining water lately!

  5. I tell ya, it is a battle. I just need to put my mind to it. You know, if I can quit smoking, I should be able to do this!!! I really just need to get off my duff and start exercising! But the diet change will help… and I love beans, lentils rock.. hummus is my new love. Now we all just need to get along and boycott the bad foods! Weight watchers sounds nice.. Maybe I will try it… If this does not work.

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