So what else has been going on with me..

Ok… so the past 6 months plus, I have been nonstop working on lots and lots of projects. I have not had a launch since June!! Unbelievable. But that is ok.. because a lot of things will be coming out being published :)

I have a couple of leaflets coming out (yes!) They comprise solely of my patterns. Once I get the ok, I can tell you more :) Just keep checking back here. This time I will not go on a month plus long vacation :)

Anyway, I am so excited, to have a booklet, of my designs.. and not just one, but two of them!! In addition to these booklets, I also have a few patterns coming out in hardback books. This would be books coming out that contain designs from many different designers. More on that too when I get the thumbs up. Great thing is, all is a done deal. Contracts signed, patterns and models handed off. Now it is the waiting game.

I am also pleased to announce I will be having another pattern come out in the next issue of Interweave! (yay). This one is a lovely one :) To me, it is absolutely divine. So I think maybe around March it will be out :)

I also sold 3 designs to another company… I have no idea when or where they will pop up. So, should anyone see anything with my name by it, please give me a holler! I would really love to hear about it!

So, counting each and every pattern separately, each one that I had to individually write up, that would be, oh about 30 patterns?? Not sure if I counted right. That is also including each design in the booklets counted individually. This past 6 mos was something new.. something I was completely unprepared for, but I think I triumphed. Unfortunately, those who look forward to my pattern releases missed my new patterns, but this coming year, there will be many out there to look for, plus the ones that will be coming soon :)

I wish I could say more, but well, let’s not burn any bridges before I have crossed them! I guess being so new, I inquire first of what I can say, and not say, and when I can say it… I think it is just a personal thing, having an overwhelming voice inside saying – etiquette!

It was interesting, working with one editor to another. Learning how each company runs their “ship.” Getting to try out so many yarns, some I had never even heard of before… some of them new yarns.. and some, my all time favorites :) But I do know I can say, another design will be in the next issue of Interweave!! :) When it comes closer to the time of it coming out, I will talk more about the design etc.

So, now I have one LAST design to finish up for publication. Between the last design for publication, and now this final last one, I started working on some designs for the website. I also was in the middle of many DIPS (designs in progress, as I call them) when the publication spree began. So… some of those I am hoping to wrap up and get into final phase of testing, and then photographed. These new ones, I may have to wait on.

What is coming? I will blog about that next, I think.. and maybe some sneak peaks! :) Take care, all. And thanks for not giving up on me!

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