Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! Water Child decided not to dress, but is taking Fire Child out tonight for trick -o – treating!

I do not have a pattern for this yet, and am not sure if I will write it up (maybe I will), but here it is…

The “Flower Fairy!”

Top was crocheted (which I will eventually maybe write pattern for), in a size 3 thread using Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton, and will be crocheted into a dress for underneath the tulle. Since I was crunched for time beginning this at the last minute (long story), I sewed a cream satin piece of fabric underneath into a skirt for her. What is nice, is that she can wear jeans underneath and be warm, and no one will know! The skirt, is tulle. Ribbon was purchased at the store.

Wings are also handmade. I used 16 gauge wire, but next time will go to a 14 gauge. Top wings have a knee-high sock, and bottom wings are made with a tulle covering, the darkest of the 3 colors used for the dress.

fairy-078I then spray painted the top wings, and then hot-glued flowers to the bottom wings. The flower wand is a flower I picked up on clearance. Using a 20 gauge wite, I wrapped a ribbon in a spiral encasing the wire around to secure it, leaving random ribbons dangling down.

It was a fun mom-and-me project. Since Fire Child loves, (really) loves loves loves flowers, this is the perfect costume for her!

Later tonight I will be putting a butterfly tatoo high near her temple, and then face paint part of her forehead and high cheek with glitter paint and spirals :)

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  1. This is sooooooooooooo beautiful. I don’t know how you do it Lisa but your designs are wonderful. This could be a wonderful costume for a handmade bear or a matching one for the american girl.

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