Good morning!

So I was looming around Crochetville the other day.. and someone posted a photo of their Garden Trellis Shawl of mine. It is awesome.. she got First Place! You have to take a look, the thread is here:

Her shawl turned out awesome.. It is interesting to see the results people have with my patterns. And like this, when I see them, I am always like “Wow! I designed that!” When I begin to design something I am always excited… Perfecting it to oblivion, ripping and redoing, to get it perfect. After a while the “giddy” part leaves, and I am like hmmm, somehow I need to make it better. Then after I release it, I am so familiar with it and so used to it. I look at it and I say, hmm wonder if there was something I could have done to make it even better. Then time passes and I start seeing people making the patterns, and that initial surge of excitement returns all over again. It is wonderful… it is like I am brought back to those first days when it was in design.

I do not know why it happens this way… I think when I first started, this is why I put up a gallery of my testers’ and customers’ results. When roaming around, I always looked for other designers if they has photos up.. but could never find any. And that is when the idea transpired, put up the tester and customer results! Then people can see different ways of working my patterns, different colors and embellishments, how different sizes look.. I really think it has been one of my best ideas yet.

I spent the last few days swatching for another editor, and sent those out yesterday. Hopefully they arrive by Monday. As soon as the contract is signed I can give you a bit more info (but again not too much <>). But I must say, one of these publications I am ecstatic about.. it is something NEW, BRAND NEW… something VERY unique and absolutely gorgeous… Currently, they are deciding which colors of yarns to for me to use, and then the order will be put in and I will begin crocheting away. I will keep you all updated on my progress… but this ingenious idea was the catalyst for the other idea- the swatches I worked up and sent out the other day.

I think this is a hard part of publication, not being able to say too much, and saying just enough to let your excitement out… So the agenda for today is more swatching, and working on a few patterns that I need to get into testing. I would like to add more to the website, but it seems like all this publication is coming at once (that is a GREAT thing)! And I hope it continues… I am sure rejections will be in hand. But I am not a pessimist, I am definitely glass full gal!

And I tell you.. when the Winter 2007 Interweave issue comes out- the glass will be overflowing!!! Keep your eye out for it… I think I will end up buying out the newsstand LOL.

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  1. YOU TEASE…. LOL.. I know you can’t say give details but you definitely have me anxious to see what is coming up. I am sure it is awesome.
    Do you have any idea of the winter interweave release date?? I am signed up for the subscription, where you get a mag and decide if you like it and want to continue with the sub.. I am just not sure when and which issue it starts with…

  2. Hi Mom4x! Hmm the release date I am unsure of.. LOL even I can hardly wait! I swear I am going to buy every copy in town lol… I am thinking maybe the release would be around Octoberish? And yes, the thing that is coming up is HUGE…!! I cannot wait until I can say a little more detail about it.. but keep coming back.. I will say as much as I can when I can! :)

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