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Lace, anyone? Dragonfly

Ice on a bush by driveway

Ice on a bush by driveway, ice storm 12/19/08

My mind has been going in numerous directions this past week. First, I need a new sketch book. Last one is now filled… I am being cheap though, and so a 10 cent spiral notebook will have to suffice. The ideas blasted me so much that my once white, pristine sketchbook is now laden with pencil drawings and scattered notes, rampant with eraser smudges.

Everyone grows, changes, adapts as careers continue… after designing that Dragonfly Shawl, it happened. I can feel the fire within, just like it has at times before. That’s the it – in essence, the slight loss of control. You see, often I go off on tangents… especially when the “new idea” comes. On a side note, I can still hear my brother saying to me when we were little “Oh no… another one of Lisa and her big ideas…” with the roll of the eyes and a swift walk the other away. I think it was that loneliness coupled with my unelected solitude in grade school that in some way formed some crazy “idea” neuropathways…. I can always remember doing something, somewhat insane.

So this past week was a sudden surge, almost implosion of ideas. After working with that lace weight, I am in love…. The Dragonfly was my first time working with a lace yarn. Now, as stated previously, I have worked with size 10 thread, even size 30 thread before. But lace weight yarn is a whole new breed….

The magic is in the blocking… I now have a set of nifty blocking wires. Once opened, will get a photo for you. Oh, the things I want to design with more lace weight.. Must, must get my hands on more. I have now been searching at all the different types of lace yarn out there… Which to try next? I want to try them all…

So please… Lend me your thoughts or observations… What should I try? What do you like? Is there anything particular that you have come across?

Since I do not have access to lace weight in town, I cannot go out and pet some lace weight… It will have to be ordered, so if you have any ideas, let me know! In the meantime I will continue my hunt of which lace weight to try next. Will let you know what it is!

Well, it is midnight… Sorry so short! Happy Friday everyone…

I leave you one of my new workout songs of ’09! Don’t know about you, but this song always puts a smile on my face and gets me dancing in the living room……..

Song on YouTube.

PS, here are a few more photos of that ice storm we had right before the holiday, and a video… Ice storms, so incredible, yet so destructible. (Clickable twice)

Where’d She Go? & PROMO 4 details

Alas, I am here :) I did not go anywhere, except into some major designing overdrive. So much to tell you and catch up on.. Where to begin? I guess we can go piecemeal… a little at a time- then that will give you more to read each when I update this blog!

Well first off, let’s talk about the Winter launch. It hopefully will be coming in January, but it may be February. Or, there may just be a mini winter launch in January, and then a few more things in February. It is kind of funny, it seems whenever I make an announcement on my Testing Forum, it goes kaboom, and everything on the list is pushed off and on hold. Publication has taken me over with a firm grip. More on that though in a few.. let’s move on to other things.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Promotion 3! I hope you are all enjoying your Winter Magic Hat!! The official photo of the Winter Magic Hat has changed:

Winter Magic Hat

Isn’t that the most darling little face?? Cute little chubby hands, studying every line of each leaf.. little minds are so fascinated with the world…. And well, then one discovers crochet and well, the leaves kind of take a back seat… hah. But oh, little darlings, in sweet little hats… gotta love them!! THANK you to Carolyn for these photos..Brian did a PHENOMENAL JOB photographing little Stella. Didn’t these turn out fabulous? Anyway, this hat is now officially for sale. For those who missed out on Promotion 3, it was spend 7 bucks, and get this pattern for free.

It was interesting, a day or so later, every now and then after an order would come through, I would get a random email saying “Oh, I didn’t know I had to email the promo code!” So, everyone should now have their free pattern! If you do not have your free pattern, and did send in your email with the promo code, drop me a line and I will get your pattern to you. Be sure to check all of your spam/trash folders, as many email programs tend to put files with attachments into these. Anyway, you can get the WINTER MAGIC HAT pattern- as it is now up for sale on the website.

Ok, on to Promotion 4!

Promotion 4 will begin tonight at 12:01 AM Sunday, December 16th.

Promotion 4: Buy any 2 patterns, and get one of equal or lesser value FREE. This will be for 3 days only. The number of people who participate is unlimited. However, the number of patterns purchased using this promotion is limited to 2 FREE patterns (So you can purchase up to 4 and get 2 of equal or lesser value free).

How do you take advantage of this? After midnight tonight, you can go to the Crochet Garden website, and on the front page will be a button that you can click to add to cart. After you add your 2 purchasing patterns to your cart, go back to the main page and you can click the promo button which will simply add a note stating 1 pattern free in your cart. When you pay and checkout, make a note in the “Notes” section the pattern(s) you wish to be your free pattern. And that is it. You can get up to 2 free patterns with this promotion. Remember to spread the word!

This promotion is in celebration of my first publication! Lots of details and photos in my next blog post…. Must somehow keep these organized! So keep checking back to read about the publication, and to hear about my experience, and well, to celebrate with me!

Talk to you all soon.. and spread the word for Promo 4!!!

Promotion 3 [CLOSED]- Winter Magic Hat Pattern

It is that time again for a new promotion! I love 7; it has always been my lucky number.. So this promotion will circle around the lucky number 7! (Remember, as long as the word [OPEN] is in the title of this post, it is still running!)

Promotion 3:

-This promotion will be available to the first 77 customers. After that, the pattern will not be available until public release.

– With any $7.00 purchase (Note: If you choose to have patterns printed and mailed, the shipping charge cannot be applied toward the $7 purchase), receive the “Winter Magic Hat” (photo above, and more photos below) pattern for free! This pattern is not yet released and will not be available to the public yet. When it is released, it will be at full retail value.

-After making your purchase, send an email to Put “Promotion 3” in the subject line, and then in the body of the email put in “Winter Magic Hat Promo Code: 11W07H” and include the Transaction ID that is on your PayPal receipt showing your $7.00 purchase.

-Be sure to tell your friends and family so they can get in on this offer!


Pattern details:

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: TLC Cotton Plus (any worsted weight yarn can be substituted as long as gauge is met.

Sizes: Approximately 6 mos – 5 yrs old. 6 sizes are available in pattern: 16 [17, 18, 19, 20, 21] inches (head circumference). This can also be made for older children by simply making the largest size and increasing the length, since the pattern is worked from the top down.

Additional Information:
This is great for both boys and girls, as a multitude of colors can be used! There is no seam sewing with this! It is a very fast and easy pattern… The pattern begins from the top and works in the round down. Below are some photos of results from testers… You can see more tester results at the Crochet Garden Gallery Winter Magic Hat Page. Amount of materials average about 2 oz for the main color, and then 1/4 – 1/2 oz. for alternate colors- a great way to use up yarn in your stash! This pattern is quick and easy, make one for each little one! They also make great stocking stuffers! Grab some appliqués and really spruce these little hats up.

Remember, this is limited to the first 77 customers. The pattern will then be unavailable until it is finally released to the public at its retail price.

Some Tester Results:

From Sarah:


From hollynn28:


From Nandabear:

Results of Promotion 1 (Winner Matthew)

I want to thank everyone who participated in Promotion 1 ! I received a lot of great feedback.

So, what were the most popular answers?

1. What do you like most about the Crochet Garden Patterns

Most popular answer was the originality, tied with (sweet, cute, frilly for the baby items). Also mentioned, was the detail of the patterns!

2. What could be done better or differently in Crochet Garden Patterns (if any, be honest!)?

There was not really a popular answer, except that most could not answer. So, is “not sure” a popular answer? Besides not sure, another popular answer was more free patterns, and more patterns period.

3. What kinds of patterns would you like to see more of on the Crochet Garden pattern website?

Looks like women’s designs topped the answer on this one. Which is a good thing, because this coming year… I will be designing many garments for women!

Ok, so who is the winner of the free pattern? Drawn at random….

The winner is………………………………………..

Matthew S.

Congratulations! You will be receiving a notification of this in your email shortly. Thank you all for participating in this.

To everyone else, I really thank you for taking the time to send in your opinions:

Sarah, Elisa, Rachel, DeAnna, Lorinda, Cheryl, Matthew, Candice, Candi, and Kiirsi!

It was really wonderful of you all to take the time to submit your answers and appreciate it. It helps me to know where everyone is coming from and what they think.

For everyone else, keep checking back, as there will be another promotion VERY soon, for a pattern that is not released to the public yet!

Pre Holiday Promotion 2: [CLOSED]

Promotion 2: *For every $10 spent at the Crochet Garden website, receive a FREE Pattern!

*Note: This does not include shipping should one choose to have pattern(s) printed and mailed. (Email of pattern(s) in a PDF format is always free).

Duration: This weekend only 11/3/07 – 11/4/07. Ends at midnight central time on 11/4.

What to do? Simply purchase at least $10 worth of patterns on the Crochet Garden website. When you have paid through PayPal, send an email to In the Subject line of the email, put in “Promotion 2.” In the body of your email, include the following information:

1. Promo Code: 11J07R

2. Transaction ID (Located on Paypal Statement)

3. Email address (This would be the email address on your paypal receipt that you ordered with, especially if different from the one you are writing from).

4. Free Pattern(s). Be sure to list Verison, if there is more than one version of the pattern (Baby Version, Tot version etc.)

Spread the word, this is for this weekend only! Happy Shopping! Continue to check back at this blog for more promotions!
For those seeking Promotion 1: Here is the link to that post

Promotion- 1 Free Pattern [CLOSED]

Ok.. for those who know me really well.. they will know I am constantly thinking of new things.. I do get asked Quite often does my mind ever rest. Well.. I do not have time to go into much detail. But one of my ideas is this…

There will be a drawing, and the winner will receive a free pattern from the Crochet Garden. There is no need to purchase anything to enter.

Promotion 1

Date: October 24, 2007 – November 5th, 2007.

Send an email to this address: In the subject line, put in “Promotion 1.” In the body of your email, answer the following questions. And then you will automatically be entered into the drawing. Winner will be announced here during the first week following the end of the promotion. (Winner drawn randomly).
Please answer the following questions in your email:

1. What do you like most about the Crochet Garden Patterns

2. What could be done better or differently in Crochet Garden Patterns (if any, be honest!)?

3. What kinds of patterns would you like to see more of on the Crochet Garden pattern website?

Ok.. so that is a promotion. Let’s chat some about this idea, as it spans not only on this post, but future posts as well.

Ok, in the right Column, you will see a heading called Categories. Each post I make here is categorized. Or well, soon will be if not already. One of the categories is called “promotions.” You can click on that and see all the posts made under that category.

Why make promotions a category all itself? I plan to have many promotions! For right now, promotions will be random, and can last for any duration. The “prize” will also differ. There will never be any purchase to enter. So please keep checking back.. There will be one very big promotion coming at the start of the year.. so definitely keep your eyes open for that one.. but there will be other ones along the way, such as this one :) Fun idea, yes?? I think it will be!

When you send an email with a promotion, be sure to put in the subject line of the email the Promotion Number! (Example: Promotion 1, Promotion 2.. etc.)

To check the status of promotions and which ones are opened and which ones are closed, simply click on the box under categories that says “promotions” and you will see the subject line will say if it is open or closed. To go back to the main page of the blog, click the “home” link at the top of the page.