single crochet at neckline

single crochet at neckline

Postby tmaryso43 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:06 pm

I have the orig pattern and also the update. I have the straps attached (which I think the directions not clear on that either) Mine started at the back and did the whip stitch at the front. You then state to slp stch with back facing in top back corner. Is that the corner on the right where the strap is or the left corner where that strap is. If I go from right to left I have more loops then called for. I did the 24 along the strap and then across the front. What then? Do I turn and go back? do I go across where the button hole is and do both together with a sc and then to the strap and down to the beginning stitch. Do I end at the top and restart on the buttonhole flap. I am so confused.
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Re: single crochet at neckline

Postby Lisa » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:51 pm

Hello dear! Can you tell me which version of the pattern you have? That way I can make sure I am looking at the same one. There was actually a couple of updates, but I do not recall either having any changes to the neck or the straps.

The first strap, should have been connected in the front, and then whipstitch to the back. I am not sure what size you are doing, I am going to assume the 2T since you mentioned working 24 sts along the strap (and that coincides with the 2T), but this first part will be the same for all sizes: When you start neckline, you want to connect to top back corner. If you refer to page 3, there is a diagram. The second diagram will show with an arrow where you start this neckline.

However, I am puzzled at the strap issue. I just checked the math, and the 30 sts in for the first strap for size 2T should put you in the front of the Band (thus making you whipstitch the last row in the back). When you worked the strap, was the first row with RS facing? But even then that would still put you at the front, you would just have the opposite side facing. Can you tell me how many free loops you have between the edge of either strap to the top back corner?
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