'Nother RS/WS question...

'Nother RS/WS question...

Postby teckmommy » Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:57 pm

I'm going to try to make another one of these but this go-round I'm going to use sport weight yarn instead of the thread. I'm hoping that it'll make it big enough to fit my 9 year old daughter. Fingers X! Maybe this is a stupid question (seeing how I've already made a few of the patterns from here), but when you're marking the RS/WS of the bodice, is the WS supposed to be the "finished" outside/showing. I'm probably over thinking this, but whenever I get to that point in my pattern I've always ended up doing 2 WS rows back to back (because technically it's telling me to mark WS on a row that I DID as RS). I even thought that maybe I was supposed to do my first row (working into the chain) as a WS instead of going through the front. (I tried several times to go through the back side of my chain and could never get it to work - kept getting my hook caught)

Like I said, maybe I'm overthinking this and maybe it's a little of my inexperience showing through :oops:
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