Garden Bistro

Begin here for those wishing to become a tester of Crochet Garden patterns.

Garden Bistro

Postby Sfgwife » Mon Feb 05, 2007 7:52 pm

How earning points and redeeming them goes........

This board do not "pay" you to test it is only for fun that we have the bistro and earn points and are able to redeem them.

some events have pictures of what you are using points on and others may be for patterns and even others are surprise packages.

1. To redeem points, there are 3 criteria one must meet:
A. Be of rank "Garden Wanderer" (having minimum 30 posts)
B. Have tested at least 2 projects.
C. Had to have tested within the past 4 months.

During this time of attaining proper rank and number of testing projects, these individuals may earn points during their time as their posts/ranks increase. This is to encourage new testers to become acclimated to the board, and to establish a true desire to be here for testing, and not for free patterns, rewards etc.

You get points for posting and testing. These are how the points for testing occur.

Each project will be given 100 points per week of testing. Testing days will be rounded up. So, if a project takes 5 days that is considered one week. If a project takes 16 days, that will be considered 3 weeks.

So, if a project takes 3 weeks, that will be 300 points. If a project takes 6 weeks, then that will be 600 points. Yes, you may test simultaneously if you feel you can give quality testing to both projects and have the time. And at the discretion of the MODS.

50% of the points will go towards posting edits.
50% of the points will go towards completing, and completing on time.

There will also be an additional 25 points per project for posting material usage and photos.

This will then take care of the issue of some projects being quicker than other, others taking longer, some pieces having more in the ensemble etc.

There will be bonuses on some projects. For example, if a project takes a lot of reworks, extra points may be offered for repeated reworks. One on pattern, the cabled cardigan, extra points were given for each stitch count error found.

**These points and the way it works may change as the need arises after we see how it all goes.
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Understanding Point system

Postby janspassion » Mon Dec 10, 2007 8:34 pm

I have this part pretty much learned. I am so excited to be able to do this work that I hardly know what to do.
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