Difference in Versions? <-- Explained

Begin here for those wishing to become a tester of Crochet Garden patterns.

Difference in Versions? <-- Explained

Postby Lisa » Wed Sep 14, 2005 4:28 pm

I always start out with Version #1.

When you see a letter added, such as 1.b or 1.c, i tmeans minor corrections were made... such as typos, definitions etc minor things that will not affect you much.

When you see a jump in number, such as 2, 3 etc that means a Major revision or a Major error was found and to look or download asap.

If you see corrections for a new version and it is not yet uploaded... it just means the revisions are minior and few of them so far, so it doesn't really warrant an upload of it yet.

Printing Tip:
Also.. when you go to print.. be sparing with printing.. there will be many revisions and many times revamps.. so.. for new testers- don't run your ink cartridges more than they need to.. print on draft mode and in black and white using as little ink as possible and maybe where possible, just print off sections that pertain to your size.
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Postby Sfgwife » Mon Feb 05, 2007 7:36 pm

be sparing with printing..

also only print a few pages at a time. there are those of us that work on and off during the day so if you print the entire pattern and look at it a few hours later there may be a whole new version (ex revamps or st counts off just things like that)
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