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EDIT: It is now 5 PM central. We are almost there :) Keep checking back! I am expecting 1-3 more hours. I will keep you posted!

Edit: It is now 11:30 AM, and this will be a bit longer :) I will keep you updated if it will be back up this afternoon :) Keep checking back!

The testing Forum is going through a major upgrade. The site will look very different. This was very much needed, as the old version is now done away, and it being replaced (not just upgraded) with an entirely new file system.

For the time being, the points under your name will not show. This is because that was a program for the old type of forum. More on this once the forum is back up. Do not worry, all points have been recorded so nothing will be lost :)

It will take a little bit of time to get the forum back in order (new colors, ranks, mods etc).

I hope to have the forum back up in a couple of hours, but it may be a little bit later, as I have a conference at my daughter’s school at Noon.. so it may be this afternoon. I will keep you all updated here :)

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