Happy Thursday!

I kind of lapsed this last go around of blogging.. but I am trying- honest!! I really need to ditch that all or nothing mentality I have… I either have to blog a lot, or not blog at all… for some reason, there is just no in between! So, even if there is only one word, I should blog it… but then, may lose a few readers with a one word blog post. hah.

So.. some updates… I know people have been waiting for a pic of my son bald after the team shaved their heads… here it is… though they did leave like a fraction of a millimeter of hair on his head, and the beautiful color just accentuates it, it really truly was bald!

Ok first a racap…

Before: Here is a photo at a swim meet: (A beautiful strawberry blonde)

First the whole swim team stripped their hair of color… most ended up a white brassy blonde.. some pure a real white white.

OK then each kid colored their hair to a color of their liking (or to their parents’ disliking). My son went aqua: (I actually kind of like this! Maybe it is because it matches my blog.. Nah… my son is handsome anytime, and the aqua is really cool looking )


I think he looks great… and with all the muscle he has built, when he wears jeans and a t-shirt, he looks so healthy. I think he is going to keep up with swimming. Even though the season is ending, they start practice again everyday after spring break, then also in the fall, right before the winter meets begin.

His hair is growing back fast. hasn’t been that long, but it looks great, and his friends are all like, “mine is growing at a snail pace..” So, he announced his not going to cut his hair again, until it is shaved off next year at nest year’s regionals (eek.) I was always partial to the clean cut look, sometimes, long hair with style.. what can I do? He is expressing himself and finding himself.. I can maybe drop my little hints here and there… and see if they will be taken… or maybe hide a tape recorder under his pillow “I like short hair… I like short hair…” nah……………….. lol.

Ok, on a sad note, Skyler’s test results came back a while back… it was cancer again. However, and this may be a good thing, or rather, the lesser of 2 evils and me looking at this in the best possible light that I can despite the big C word. It was a different kind of cancer. The other one was a mammary carcinoma… this one was a sarcoma, basically, a skin cancer. I find it odd that both happen one right after the other.. maybe a coincidence.. maybe something in medial science we have not yet discovered some sort of linked chain reaction in specific situations where there are some undefined common factors.. not sure. But, if it were the same cancer, it would be a poorer prognosis.

It has been a while since the surgery.. and I tell you, she is really now acting like her old self.. cannot take her outside without her 90lb body trying to fly in the air after every motor vehicle passing, giving my joints a test of their true strength… Yesterday, she rolled all over the backyard, in the snow.. then would get up play with me, as if wrestling.. Her spunk is back.. you can see her just sitting there, and panting like dogs do, and I swear she is smiling. I do believe dogs smile… and she has been smiling so much! So now, I keep a close eye. Now that she has had cancer twice in such a short period, need to watch her like a hawk. So, this is both bad news and good news.. I have had a while to come to terms with my feelings on it, and at the sadness when I first heard that it was cancer.. but after it was absorbed, it lots of fun, tlc, and thinking on the bright side.. it is a different cancer- and her spirit and everyday demeanor is evidence that she really is feeling better and not in so much pain when she did have the cancer…

Ok, off to get some work done.. I can see it is going to be a productive day today.. I blogged!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!”

  1. Wow! Your son looks awesome bald…It makes him look much more mature. Although I do think just a bit of hair on top looks better than a shiny head.

    I am so glad to hear that Skyler is feeling better. Let’s hope & pray that the cancer is all gone now.

  2. I think he looks good too bald! The first day he was like he could not wait for his hair to come back. He even asked me to crochet him a hat! But I now think he is getting used to it and maybe liking it, though he still says he is going to grow it out, lol. And yes, I am praying daily for Skyler.. she really is in such good spirits.. I hope it is all gone now…

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