Skyler’s Surgery

Well, I called at 11:30 PM yesterday to find out how the surgery went, and the lady said they were just finishing up and for me to call at 2PM. That was a long wait, and I was quite unhappy to have to wait.

I called at 2PM, and the vet said it looks exactly like the tumor that was removed 6 weeks prior. I asked him to send it in for pathology just to be sure it is not benign, and in case maybe it is something else. He said he was 99% sure it was malignant, and it was twice the size of the one he removes previously.

I brought her home at 4 PM, and she slept the whole day and night. Today she slept all day again but did get up this morning for some water. This evening she seems to have a bit more energy, in that she is lifting up her head more, and wanted to go out. She barked a couple of times outside, most likely as an animal or maybe someone walking near. It should be about a week before we get the pathology results. It will take a miracle for it to not be the cancer again. If it is, that is not a good thing at all.

I will keep you all posted on what I find out. Yesterday I have been trying to keep busy, trying not to think of it too much.

Other than that, we all have been dealing with colds, earaches, runny noses and the like. I do not think my nose has stopped running this winter yet! Between both of the kids bringing me their germs, and then all these crazy weather changes, it does not surprise me I am the eternal waterfall! hehe

Sorry so short, but time for me to get a few things done and maybe get a good night’s rest..

3 thoughts on “Skyler’s Surgery”

  1. I’m so sorry your puppy is sick, that’s always so hard. :( It’s a good thing she has such a loving home to be in though. I went through a similar thing with one of my kitties and it was pretty stressful. It’s good you insisted on the path. reports!

    This weather has been insane, I wish it’d just keep snowing or go away already and stay warm. It’s no wonder everyone is always sick! Feel better soon!

  2. Thank you Devon for the kind words. Yes, she definitely has a very loving home.. hehe she is such a “human dog.” Does not like outdoors, likes to sleep in a bed and on her back, such a funny dog she is… I will keep post about what the pathology report says.. I am really hoping for a miracle!

  3. What did you ever find out about about your puppy’s path report? I can’t imagine how hard this would be…I know how very much I love my little Roxy dog!! she doesn’t even know she is a dog–she thinks she is human!!

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