Hello, again

It has been quite a while and I sort of fell out of the blogging loop. Well, time to get back and on top of things again. Some may know (if there is anyone still out there) that I moved last year. It was quite an undertaking. I am still in unpack mode, but at the end of it, and transitioning into the – Oh I need organization mode!

craft / work room

craft / work room

All I can say, is what a difference. We went from a small, (very small) place to a nice 3 bedroom (with 4th room in basement), 2 1/2 baths! It is wonderful. Water child and fire child both have their own room. Which, at the old place, there were only 2 bedrooms, and fire child and myself slept in the living room since the stairs were so treacherous for her anyway. It was so suffocating, with my mounds of yarn, fire child’s avalanche of toys, water child’s cloths, and on top of it, a 90 pound German shepherd!

I worked so hard… worked to keep my credit as best it could be. I did not think I would qualify – being a single parent, being self employed (crochet is what I do full time), during the recession. I feel relief. We have a great place to live, wonderful neighbors… It is amazing how living conditions can affect you. Not that mine were bad – they were stressful, having a galley kitchen that only 1 person could stand in.. and having to sleep on the couch- there is far worse out there. But I have to say, having space, it made such a difference. Not necessarily in my mood or anything like that, but it was like a little weight was lifted – I can breathe. And not only that- being able to decorate and paint, truly make it our own is what is amazing.

My room is going to be a certain shade of green… I wanted something calm. I also adore whitewash furniture, so eventually  that will go perfect. (I even have my own bathroom in my room!!!) Something else I wanted- all the bedrooms to be on the same floor, so I would be close to the kids. So all 3 bedrooms are upstairs. Fire child’s room right now is a shocking, bold, pink. It will soon be a lilac with floral murals and of course, with some added momma magic dust since she is the princess :) Water child is going with a deep burgundy-wine color. He has picked out black and white decor- very modern, clean lines. He also now has a queen size bed that fits his feet . I asked him has he been able to get used to not having his feet dangle off the edge of the bed- and happily, he says it is great! (He is now 6’3).

craft / work room

craft / work room

So, this spring or summer I will have lots of painting to do… I think I will hire the teen residents that sometimes make their way here and – stay here. I went with a no VOC paint for all of the rooms. Fire child’s is a low-VOC since he was very particular about the color. I will have to get before and after shots once we begin this great undertaking.

I also have a dishwasher – my first! And you know what is funny- I never use it. I still do dished by hand. But hey, I guess if I ever need it, at least I have the option! I also have central air conditioning. I have never had this before. The last couple of summers were excruciating at the old place- the window air conditioner kept blowing fuses on really hot days (when we needed it most) – and let’s just say, I should have bought stock in fans!


craft / work room

The basement is a finished basement (yay)! It is so neat to walk down there, and say wow, this is mine! Sometimes I am still in disbelief. It is such a change. In the basement, there are actually 2 rooms. One is the utility room, with the washer, dryer, tools, etc. I can put all the laundry in there and close the door!  The 4th room in the basement, it my craft room!!  It is small, but I am happy… I have a place to get somewhat organized. I will admit, I am a VERY scatterbrained disorganized person- but I can close the door! And at least I know if I need my swift, or I need a hook, it is in there!!

Well, speaking of work, time for me to get back to it. I will post more photos of the house, and before and afters as I DIY them. And more on crochet stuff soon! :) :) Thanks for sticking around, if you are still here during my move.

2 thoughts on “Hello, again”

  1. Your craft room looks amazing. I am envious of you to have such an awesome space. I know exactly what you mean about living in a small space. After 7 1/2 yrs of living in around 300 sq. ft, moving into our 900 sq. ft home seems huge…LOL. I am going to do a lot of painting this fall when we return from our northern travels, and try to decorate the place too.
    I love our central air/heat pump here at the house. It is so nice to have the temperature remain at a constant level. Something we never had in the RV’s. I don’t have a basement, but I do have storage under the beds and in the closet now, so I have a bit more room for my things.
    Can’t wait to see your place when we stop over this summer for visit.

  2. Oh Carolyn – I cannot wait for you to come and see the house! With the basement, it is sooooo cool down here. I am now wondering if using the air conditioner will make it too cold downstairs!! And make plenty of room for yarn when you come :) You are going to be loaded up!

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