Crocheted Gifts, Publication & Twitter Event

Crocheted Gifts

Crocheted Gifts, Interweave Press 2009

Crocheted Gifts is out! I have been eagerly awaiting this publication! There are so many fabulous projects to choose from in this book! And of course, one of them, is mine – a collection of washcloths.

Simple, yet sleek… while both practical and heartwarming. Washcloths, not something you necessarily think about, but definitely something you use each day!

I wanted an all-way gift. The first thing that came to me was baskets…

The baby Basket.. filled with baby powder, a rubber ducky, safety pins, and pnk and blue handmade washcloths.

Crocheted Gifts, Organic Indulgence

Crocheted Gifts, Organic Indulgence

The Zen Basket… Think spa.. So in, so modern, trendy.. zen. Basket of essential oils, naturals soaps and organic oh-so-soft washcloths gathered with strands of twine.

The Country Basket – apple and pear scented soap bars, mixed in with washcloths tied with big bows laid upon a gingham pattern cloth.

Crocheted Gifts, Organic Indulgence

Crocheted Gifts, Organic Indulgence

The Teen Basket – Nail polish, loofahs… big colorful fruit-scented bath beads, emery boards, star and heart-shaped glycerin soaps and bright crocheted washcloths rolled up.

Her Basket – Her favorite moisturizer, a sleep mask, a CD of relaxing seascape melodies, and soothing soft handmade washcloths..

So many possibilities.. so many occasions to give, and so many reasons to just say hey, I am thinking of you. I really, really enjoyed designing these. Please let me know if you work them up!

There are other fabulous patterns in this book!! I also wanted to let you know about a Twitter Event for Crocheted Gifts, hosted by Kim Werker tomorrow August 25th, 1Pm to 2PM pacific time. Many designers will be there discussing the book, their inspirations for their designs.. You can ask any questions you have about the book too.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend :( But if you can make it, it will be a memorable time!

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  1. Congratulations. I miss crocheting for you but my life is one hot mess right now. I’m so glad you’re getting published!

  2. Just got to look at this. The basket ideas are great. Want the patterns for the washcloths!
    Great job Lisa.

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