Where’d She Go? & PROMO 4 details

Alas, I am here :) I did not go anywhere, except into some major designing overdrive. So much to tell you and catch up on.. Where to begin? I guess we can go piecemeal… a little at a time- then that will give you more to read each when I update this blog!

Well first off, let’s talk about the Winter launch. It hopefully will be coming in January, but it may be February. Or, there may just be a mini winter launch in January, and then a few more things in February. It is kind of funny, it seems whenever I make an announcement on my Testing Forum, it goes kaboom, and everything on the list is pushed off and on hold. Publication has taken me over with a firm grip. More on that though in a few.. let’s move on to other things.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Promotion 3! I hope you are all enjoying your Winter Magic Hat!! The official photo of the Winter Magic Hat has changed:

Winter Magic Hat

Isn’t that the most darling little face?? Cute little chubby hands, studying every line of each leaf.. little minds are so fascinated with the world…. And well, then one discovers crochet and well, the leaves kind of take a back seat… hah. But oh, little darlings, in sweet little hats… gotta love them!! THANK you to Carolyn for these photos..Brian did a PHENOMENAL JOB photographing little Stella. Didn’t these turn out fabulous? Anyway, this hat is now officially for sale. For those who missed out on Promotion 3, it was spend 7 bucks, and get this pattern for free.

It was interesting, a day or so later, every now and then after an order would come through, I would get a random email saying “Oh, I didn’t know I had to email the promo code!” So, everyone should now have their free pattern! If you do not have your free pattern, and did send in your email with the promo code, drop me a line and I will get your pattern to you. Be sure to check all of your spam/trash folders, as many email programs tend to put files with attachments into these. Anyway, you can get the WINTER MAGIC HAT pattern- as it is now up for sale on the website.

Ok, on to Promotion 4!

Promotion 4 will begin tonight at 12:01 AM Sunday, December 16th.

Promotion 4: Buy any 2 patterns, and get one of equal or lesser value FREE. This will be for 3 days only. The number of people who participate is unlimited. However, the number of patterns purchased using this promotion is limited to 2 FREE patterns (So you can purchase up to 4 and get 2 of equal or lesser value free).

How do you take advantage of this? After midnight tonight, you can go to the Crochet Garden website, and on the front page will be a button that you can click to add to cart. After you add your 2 purchasing patterns to your cart, go back to the main page and you can click the promo button which will simply add a note stating 1 pattern free in your cart. When you pay and checkout, make a note in the “Notes” section the pattern(s) you wish to be your free pattern. And that is it. You can get up to 2 free patterns with this promotion. Remember to spread the word!

This promotion is in celebration of my first publication! Lots of details and photos in my next blog post…. Must somehow keep these organized! So keep checking back to read about the publication, and to hear about my experience, and well, to celebrate with me!

Talk to you all soon.. and spread the word for Promo 4!!!

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