Save $3 On Delanie Dress


Eagerly awaiting spring! :) How about saving $3 on Delanie Dress?

Ravelry only, (they really make coupons so easy- and fun to do)!

It is such a simple pattern and a quick workup! It uses Deborah Norville’s Serenity garden, but really you can sub any #2 weight yarn.

Code: DELANIE316

Good through April 18, 2016!

We need to lull spring in. Has it been cold by you? It has been in the 40s here. Oh how I long for some warm rays!!

Petit Fours – Published in Simply Crochet Issue# 43!


DMW Photography

Please be sure to check out Petit Fours on Ravelry – my latest published design!

I am so excited about this dress. When i started off, I didn’t intend to make a “cupcake” dress. The entire idea started with buttons. Sometimes, I see a yarn and it says in a darling little voice, “Take me home!” But this time, each time I passed them in the aisle, I really think they kept jumping into my basket! What in the world would I do with such tiny buttons? These buttons weren’t ordinary. The colors were like passion fruit fireworks. So on the way home with me they went.

A day of swatching and sketching, and behold, my little piece of sweetness. Doesn’t London look so happy in her cute little dress? Now all she needs is a cupcake in her hand!