Stop 93 On The Crochet Express!! Are you here on a train stop from Crochetville’s Blog Tour for National Crochet Month? Just stopping by? Either way, I am so happy to have you stop by!

First of all, in case you are unsure what this is all about… Stop over by the Crochet Express, hosted by Amy Shelton over at Crochetville! This is the last day, but you can check out all the previous stops too :)

In honor of Crochet Month and your stop here, here are you goodies below! :)

First $4 off any of the following three patterns! (The patterns below are linked directly to Ravelry). These codes are valid until April 15th!

  1. Shawl Of The Moirae  – Code: CVILLEMOIRAE4
  2. Forest Trails Cable Scarves – Code: CVILLEFORESTTRAILS4
  3. Isabella Dress – Code: CVILLEISABELLA4

HRshawlofthemoirae  foresttrailsscarvesisabella

I would also love to offer you my latest wrap design for free- the Waterfall Stole on Ravelry! Code: CVILLEFREE2016 Like the others, this code is good through April 15, 2016 and after that it will be full price.

waterfallstole waterfallstole_02

waterfallstole_03 waterfallstole_04

This is the first time this pattern is being released, so be sure to grab it while you can! Please let me know if you queue it up! :) I love to hear what everyone is doing.

Now, it is true, this pattern uses love knots (or well, Solomon’s Knots). If you fear these, or worry about getting each knot the right exact length, fear no more! This pattern executes love knots in a clever way that if one is too short, the next one compensates. And all the different lengths really add to its beauty!

This is a simple 3-row repeat, but with a striking result. It is one of those far out there designs from the crazy nooks inside my brain. I wanted something different. Instead of the usual way love knots are used (row upon row of love knows- which mind you is also beautiful), I wanted to do something, well odd? Different? I am not sure, but I wanted a design and stitch pattern that was not common, but with a gorgeous result.

I hope you come by to visit me again. You can also catch me on Facebook as well!

50% Off New Seaside Girl Crochet Pattern!


Crochet Pattern sized 12 mos – girls size 12!


Get 50% off Seaside Girl crochet sundress pattern! This pattern is sized  12 months to a girls size 12! What is really interesting about this pattern is the use of the variegated yarn, between the stripes. It has a metallic-gradient effect to it. Usually when you use a yarn that is multi-colored, you end up with a camouflage-like pattern, which can still be very pretty! But I wanted to try something different, and wondered what would happen if I sandwiched this variegated yarn between other complimentary yarns. Voila! This gorgeous metallic-like look to it. My eyes  keep gazing at it, running along its path at the beautiful gradient.

The dress works from the top down, so you will be able to fit the most difficult sizes. All you need to do is work from their chest measurement to get a perfect fit around there, then just work until the length desired. And also, with so many sizes, sisters and friends can have matching dresses in their own favorite colors! Wouldn’t this make a stunning holiday dress in red and white?

Right now you can get this pattern 50% off! Code: SeasideGirl2016

Please let me know if you decide to make this, what colors you plan to make!

And here is where you can use these codes: