Detective Challenge? Seeking Joss Whedon

“Uh… who?” Some of you may ask…

Reference: This is the original Crochet Me post that this blog post is referring to:
Calling Geek Crafters: We Want To Interview Joss Whedon and We Need Your Help!
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Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind the X-Men, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel.. etc! Well, Kim Werker, the brilliant editor of the astute magazine Interweave Crochet and founder of Crochet Me online magazine has created a surge through the web within the crochet world in an effort to interview this creative genius.

Here is a clip from her original blog post in this plight to secure an interview with this esteemed creative soul:

“See, Joss Whedon is a wicked creative guy, and he entertains us. And last week, in a tongue-in-cheek response to an interview question on the Wired blog, he practically begged for a crochet publication to interview him*. And simply must be that pub. Why? A bulleted list will tell you…”

Read the Crochet Me Blog Post On Joss Wheden to read more.

And the clever, witty Kim Werker will not let this go and I quote from the first lines of a subsequent blog post:

“I’m so not letting this Whedoncraft thing go. So to add some fuel to the fire, I made myself a Jayne hat last night (crocheted, of course, which isn’t so true to the knitted original but sure is true to trying to catch Joss Whedon’s attention so he’ll grant us an interview)

So, get the pattern to Make Your Own Jayne Cobb Hat here by Kim Werker! I have a feeling the crochet world will be rocking with this hat pattern. Make it, blog it, pass the link around…!

In addition, if you have anything craft Whedon-related, a link, photo, anything of sorts, post it in the original blog post on the Crochet Me blog site. There is already a lot of hype in the comments section- posts on numerous items Whedon-inspired from washcloths, to crocheted Jayne dolls, to tree ornaments. If you have not checked all of this out yet, what ya waiting for? I kid you not, this is only the beginning. With Kim’s tenacity, this drive will not wane- only because of her intrinsic, genuine desire to interview Joss.

So what have I done to play my part? I have a cousin who is a comic artist. I should say a very talented one at that. (Hi Alex!). Maybe if I am lucky he will send me some of his work to post here :) I am pretty sure my cousin went to Comic Con, as he always goes.. Anyway, maybe my cousin Alex can lead the way to Joss! I will keep you all posted on what I find out. In the meantime, get over to site!

Attention Testers: Testing Forum down

I have had quite a few emails from testers unable to connect to the testing board. Just to let you know, we had a webserver reboot. Things should hopefully be up soon and am working with support :)

I got a summer cold so have been resting the last couple days, but will keep on top of this and hopefully have the testing board up soon!

Missing Piece

Well, it has been a crazy week… just one of those times with one thing after another… Found out more of my patterns are being distributed around the internet again.. more on that later though… one of these “distributors” will wow you…

Before I began crocheting, I worked in a group home for physically and mentally disabled adults. Tonight I received a call that one of the patients/consumers passed away.  Anyway, I cannot say too much due to HIPPA and confidentiality and the like, but what I can say is that this was a great person. What was really interesting, was someone found 2 bibles in this individual’s room, one stacked on the other, with marked passages about entering into the Kingdom.. That is not the interesting part, but what kind of sent a chill down my spine, was that this individual could not read.

Anyway, I really try to keep this crochet oriented with a few bits and pieces of my everyday life, and well this was one of those little bits of pieces, that unexpectedly impacted me.

So anyway, on to other things…  For those anxiously awaiting and for those emailing me, I am hoping to have the garter released next week sometime. That is not definitive, but I am going to try and make that the goal.  I also will be working feverishly on more deadlines. One thankfully is being sent off tomorrow, so that is done and can be scratched off the long-awaited to do list. “YAY!”

So, I am still working on the design of one of them.. and am hoping, and crossing fingers it all comes together, and in enough time for the deadline. This is definitely going to be a challenge. I have been working on and off on this one particular design for a couple of months, but something just was never right about it. Sometimes it would get tucked back away… sometimes entirely ripped… sometimes stared at so long and hard- maybe I wished it would melt into oblivion. I loved it, yet at the same time it needed something..  So much so that I always refrained from giving sneak peaks of it. But now, it is slated for publication, thus no sneak peaks…

And, since I accepted this challenge, I must, must follow through and I now have to figure out what the missing piece is… in time for the deadline. “Sending vibes out to the missing piece….”

I will keep you posted as I progress through this. Tomorrow is Day 1 which I will begin from scratch from the beginning.

Niters all :)

And what happened?

I was doing so good blogging like every other day or so.. please forgive me! I went into crazy design mode :) It just kept going and would not cease.

Ok.. so first!~ A sneak peak at a cable scarf…

This would be another set of hats, scarves and mittens, like the Rugged Mountain collection:

What do you think of this stitch pattern? Is the texture unique and appealing, or is it a “what the heck is that??” kind of thing?

I have been debating of doing perhaps a third set of Rugged Mountain sets, but doing them in a sport weight, unlike a worsted weight like the first set and this set that I am currently working on.

I also have a very darling little thread dress in testing :) Maybe… a sneak peak on that later. It has been so long since I have designed any dresses in thread, let alone anything at all (except for the garter for my sister).. And on that note……….

Update on Lara’s Heirloom Garter!

For those who are waiting it, it is almost done with testing. One of my testers is working it up, and has a daughter that will be modeling. I just need to get out the blue pearls and the silver cross in the mail to her.. which will be going out tomorrow. So, as soon as she is finished embellishing it, it will be ready for sale :)I plan to have a quick testing on the “toss” garter that will go with the set. So keep on a lookout! If you are not on the newsletter, be sure to get in on it. You can check your profile at the Crochet Garden website, and somewhere there will be a box to check mark to receive it. That way you will know the moment it is ready. But I will also be making the announcement here.. so you can keep checking back at this blog!

More On my last published pattern book:

Hats, Scarves and Mittens For The Family

Available through Annie’s Attic

Ok… So a few posts ago I talked about this pattern booklet that came out through Annie’s Attic. I have some photos of the prototypes I would like to share!

All of these come in sizes from toddler to adult. Sizes are as follows: Toddler (2-4), Child (5-7), Tween (8-12), Women’s, and Men’s. If you work any of these up, I would love to see photos!

Well, time to get back to work :) More to come soon!

Think Pink – (Cover!) coming soon publication

When one goes to Annie’s Attic, he or she can click on the “coming soon” link. Well, they have put up a pattern book of what is soon to come – Think Pink, Crochet For the Cure!

This book’s theme is for Breast Cancer Awareness. On the cover, you will see 4 designs. The one in the lower right (the vase with the pink ribbons and flowers) is mine :)

Just from the cover, one can see this book is going to rock.. I love both of the pink hats..I am going to have make both of them on the cover for myself to wear.. and even though I am not one to wear pins, I know MANY who do and will go crazy over making them for everyone…

I am also happy to say I have 3 patterns in this book! I am unsure if at this point I am allowed to say what the others are, so I will have to keep it hush for now..

For every book sold, a portion of the proceeds go for research. Be sure to pick up a copy.. you will get some lovely patterns, and you will be helping others as well.

I wanted them to be unique, but also somehow reach into people. I kept thinking and brainstorming.. and this vase idea came to me. It would be wonderful for teachers to have on their desks, secretaries as well. They are so quick to make, and would make a nice addition to any shelf or table… You could even decorate the vase, get some glue, paints, maybe glitter.. get the kids involved to make them as gifts (crafting is always fun!)

You can grab any little bud vase (you can actually use any small vase shaped in any way).. and then fill it with sand, or marbles (if the opening is big enough), etc. Then take wire flowers, and poke them into the vase. Then work the pink ribbon pattern (in the book, of course), and assemble.. and voila, a beautiful centerpiece for your table, or a wonderful gift for that special person….

You know what would be neat in the cooler months? Take a vase, fill it with beans and then insert a baggie of spices, then put on the pink ribbons.. and what do you have? Pink Ribbon soup vase? I think I need some Zzzs… but then, maybe I am on to something?

Time to hit dreamland :) Have a lovely Happy Tuesday in the morn!

Anyway.. I cannot wait for this book to come out!