Happy Memorial Day

Well, I do not know about you, but this day kind of makes me sad… and like any other human, I take the issue at hand and relate it somehow to my life… It makes me worried, to think about my son, how my uncles and father were all in the war, drafted at that… but thankfully, all survived, one in a body cast, another with a broken limb, but all alive. My son is now growing into a man, and it makes me think about his future.

Anyway, I have been so neglecting this blog lately, I need to stop that. Someone needs to give me a “blog call,” instead of a wake up call.. “Lisa… today is blog day!”

It isn’t that I do not enjoy blogging.. it is a matter of finding the time. I am naturally very scatterbrained and have a zillion things going on in once.. not sure if that keeps me going in deeper to my little world of chaos, or if it hinders my production in certain areas, namely, the blog and the laundry…

Ack.. putting laundry and blogging on the same level. Nope, they both just end up “somewhere down there.”

This past weekend, I went up to Chitown (Chicago) for my sister’s bridal shower. She  will be getting married in June- I am a bridesmaid. I just got the dress in the mail the other day… (I am really scared it won’t fit!) So it sits there, hanging in the bathroom, awaiting me to try it on… I will let you know when I do. Cross your fingers that it fits!

Anyway… my mom had rented a hall for my sister’s bridal shower… Here, they are, with my sister coming in through the door.. Kind of funny, she knew she was having the shower (it was not a surprise), but she still had that “Oh wow surprised look” which I though was really cool, because my mom I am sure savored every moment of it, despite knowing it was not truly a surprise.. But that is my mom, she will make a moment out of anything, and cherish it and break into tears..

Ok, so here they are, with my sister entering in…

This was also neat… my mother made a collage for my sister, growing up.. and made little notes beside each photo…

Here are some flowers from my mother’s garden:

Sorry it is a little blurry… But so beautiful..

Well, time to go make lunch, and get some laundry going… I will write back soon :) Someone just needs to kick me in the hiney and tell me blogtime!

Have a wonderful day!