KIM- This is dedicated to you!!

Ok, first before I get to Kim, first let me give some updates.

A past commenter asked how my dog was and how the last pathology report was. Sadly, it did come back cancerous, but of a different kind. This one was a Sarcoma, a form of skin cancer. But, on a good note, she is more back to herself than she has ever been. I took her a couple of weeks to get a checkup and to have a close look for anything coming back- and so far we are in the clear! She is now back to her normal self. Although the result of cancer is something I did NOT want to hear.. it is I guess the lesser of two evils, in that if it was the first recurring, it may have most likely been worse, as it would mean it was a very aggressive cancer. But since it was of a different type, that made it a better chance for her. And well, so far she is back to her old self, sleeping on her back, waking me at 5 AM to go potty, singing to me when I sing, err well howl (when she howls that is).

Ok, another update and oh I have so many more but those will be in posts to come. Today I just finished up another project for another publication. It always feels so good when something is finally complete. Just when you think something will be a small project, the perfectionist kicks in and of course draws it out to be a mass craze of does this need that, should I do this, oh, another idea, and so on and so forth. But it is now complete, and it will be coming out this fall. Although, I may be going to CGOA this summer and may be sporting it there!

Ok, so I know I have been a bit neglectful of this blog.. and will get to more crochet in future posts, but KIM caught me off guard… So here I am, thinking tonight after having this project complete, I should blog. It has been too long, and if I even have ANY readers left, I must spark some sort of something to keep them hanging around. And so first I go and check my long list of comments, err well spammed comments. Then I see a name I recognize.. Kim Aller..

Let me tell you about Kim… You wouldn’t know it – but she is crazy (in a good way- I love ya girl!)… We had so many good times.. We have been friends, oh goodness.. what was it 6th grade??

Check out her comment on my last post… she even remember when I taught her to crochet. Though, I think when I taught her I only knew plain sc and dc, so taught her to make a dc afghan, and I remember her whipping out those dc sts like mad…

Let me tell you about a couple of my fondness memories.. And well, it just may tell you a little more about me than you wanted to know!! So… we were about, oh I think it was 16 or so? Maybe 17? Hmm, trying to think.. She is about 8 months younger than me.. and she was able to drive, so I think we were around that age.. anyway.. I was working at Hardees. (That incidentally was my first job ever). And, that year they were having really super cheap flights… So, I walked over to her house- she lived a few blocks away and I practically broke down the door and I ran up to her room past her mom and said “KIM! Airfare is super cheap! Let’s go on a vacation!” She was looking at the paper, I think, or something I had with printed airfares… And I said let’s go to California!! And she is like “Yeah!” (Yeah, you all are nodding you head thinking I AM the crazy one, not Kim…ha!)

So, she asks her mom, and they say yes, and my parents say yes. So proudly we call up the travel agent… We are like, how long should we go for? Kim is like, hmm I dunno? And I say, how about a month? She is like “yeah!” So… we booked a flight to go out to San Diego California, for a month. Yep….

We had a few months to save up and figured this would be so cool and perfect. So we get there… and wow.. .we could take the trolley to the Body Shop! We were obsessed, literally with the Body Shop. All those bath beads and scented soaps.. (By the way, Kim, you know I found one of those soaps in a box in the basement just a week ago.. it was a mango one and still smells)…

Welp, we blew a LOT of our money that first day.. So the next day, what do you want to do? Wanna go to the Body Shop? Yeah! So off we go :)

Well, by the end of the trip, the last couple weeks maybe? Maybe the last week? We were eating bologne we got from a corner store and stored in our ice canister in the room… We also hit a little Chinese restaurant that was just a block away.. that place was so good, still remember their fried noodles.

Each summer after that, for maybe 3 years, we went to California.. we had a blast… I guess I will not mention the time we ended up in Tijuana and ended up with lost shoes, walking along gravel roads… trying to figure out how to get back to the USA!

Sometime, I will have to dig out those California pictures and post a few here.. what great memories!!! Sometimes I look back and think are ONLY reason for going to California was to go and hit the Body Shop.

So Kim mentioned in her comment in my last post she has a baby boy Jonathan.. Congrats Kim!!!

So, though cliche, a little walk down memory lane… sometime I will have to tell you all more stories of our adventures..

Goodnight all.. time to get some work done and hopefully some ZZzzzzzs.

I am still around

I have been so super busy, it has been insane. So sorry for such a long time in between posts here. I updated the website, that was a task in itself. It is so nice, I think, and now there are automatic downloads, so no need to wait for patterns to be emailed. What also is neat, is that patterns now will be held in one’s account, rather than being sent a link. So many times I get the “I did not get my pattern”- due to spam blockers, wrong email address, limit on number of files with attachments, etc.

So far, the response to the new site update has been a thumbs up! Everyone seems to like it, and they like the automatic downloads. Another thing I am hearing a lot of feedback on is that people like having patterns stored in their account. So in case a computer crashes or they lose a pattern, they can download it again.

Be sure when you register, that you hit the newsletter box at the bottom of the registration screen! That is how people will receive special coupon codes and other goodies!

Sorry so short, but a little something is better than nothing, right? I have so many things to blog about, and will be doing so soon! Hopefully tomorrow!